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Play as the Dreaded Liche King Boss in Summoners Fate’s First Major Update: Masters & Minions!

Play as the Liche King boss with 'Masters & Minions' update.
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Summoners Fate is shaping up to be the collaborative player-driven Early Access D20Studios had hoped. With over 100 positive reviews and a 90% Very Positive Steam rating in its first eight weeks, Summoners Fate has been keeping its player base engaged with regular weekly updates each highlighting a new player requested feature.

Today, D20Studios is pleased to roll out their first major update, Masters & Minions. As the name suggests, this update focuses on bringing new enemies to the game - a whole lot of them - including 3 new bosses and 3 new elites (the Masters) and 15 new enemy encounters (the Minions). That's one additional boss per each of our current biomes, totally 9 bosses (3 per biome), plus new lore to boot!    

In addition, Masters and Minions will allow you to unlock one of the game's bosses, the Liche King, as a playable Summoner. It's prestigious to play the boss, so to receive this reward, you'll first need to claim a bunch of souls, prove yourself in battle, and defeat the Liche King in adventure mode to unlock the Revenant Regicide achievement. Doing so will reward the Liche King as a playable character in adventure mode as well as unlock a new All Star deck in Battle Mode.

Summoners Fate is a turn-based tactics game with card strategy mechanics wrapped in a roguelike adventure. Players describe it as a successful combination of Magic the Gathering, D&D and Final Fantasy Tactics - a winning proposition that manages to deliver its own unique experience that’s both familiar and unlike anything they’ve ever played!    

Summoner Fate is available now for PC via Steam Early Access. The game is priced at $19.99/£15.99/€16.99 with a 10% discount being offered on Tuesday August 16th at 10AM PT until August 23rd to celebrate the release of the game’s first major update.

Full change list for Masters & Minions update:

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