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Phantom Hysteria

The paranormal investigation video game where you actually fight the ghosts!
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[VIRGINIA, August 17, 2022] - Phantom Hysteria brings a fresh take on the ghost hunting genre with rich lore, unique characters, a haunting soundtrack, and intense action. This thrilling video game will keep you and your friends on edge, waiting for the next jump scare to occur.

Phantom Hysteria is a 1-4 player, online co-op ghost hunting game. Take on ghost-hunting contracts with your taped-together equipment as one of four playable P.I.N.E characters. Hone your skills for your designated class, utilize an array of equipment to decipher your clues, and use that to identify your contracted apparition. Choosing from a variety of thrilling maps; you and your team will be required to investigate your phantom, untether them, and neutralize the phantom from this plane. That is if you can manage.

This fast-paced game will keep you on your toes between 3 of the gameplay stages. First, you have the investigation stage to find out what type of phantom you have. You will need to collect 5 pieces of evidence per phantom to know your Phantom type. All while trying to not lose your composure or health. Once you have your phantom type, you and your team will vote for that phantom type and start the untethering stage. In order to battle the phantom, you must untether, or pull their grasp, its attachment to the world. Once you have either collected statue pieces, get rid of runes, or destroy totems the phantom will be ready to fight. Battling the phantom will include weapons like salt shotguns and an energy weapon called the EMFG Rifle. While in the neutralization stage, the phantom will become very active and will fight back to stay in this realm.

Phantom Hysteria isn't just a ghost hunting game. This game has classes, perks, and a range of playable characters. Choose a class based on your play style between support, tank, and damage gameplay styles. Then help you and your team with our perk system, Arcana cards. These cards are unlockable and can be applied in between games which will help in your fight against these deadly Phantoms.

The most recent announcements on our game update include the beta. Phantom Hysteria will be entering Closed Beta on September 15th, 2022, and launching in Q4 2022. And, we are thrilled to share more news in the coming months.

Martyn, the founder, and creative director, says,

“I have always been both fascinated and terrified by the paranormal. With my love of Horror Games and movies like Ghostbusters, Phantom Hysteria was created.“

Lunar Tale Games always gets excited to see others’ reactions to Phantom Hysteria. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be part of such great communities and share our game with some favorite streamers. Check out our gameplay trailer, and join others in wishlisting Phantom Hysteria!

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Phantom Hysteria gameplay trailer:

Lunar Tale Games is an emerging indie development team composed of passionate industry professionals ranging from entry-level to AAA experienced members. Team members have worked on titles such as The Quarry, and are excited to bring that experience to Phantom Hysteria. Find out more at

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Name: Sara Campbell
Email: [email protected]

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