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PartTimeIndie Gamescom event which turns a Steam game 100% free

'School of Magic' wishlist quest tiers see more and more knocked off this bullet hell title.
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After the success of last year's Gamescom, PartTimeIndie celebrates this year's Gamescom by making wishlists for School of Magic reduce the price of Willl Glow the Wisp


WÜRZBURG, Aug. 11, 2022 – PartTimeIndie announced today the first event where you wishlisting a game can make another game go free. In this event there are three wishlist goals for School of Magic each of them drops the price for Will Glow the Wisp.


Event Overview 

  • 10 000 wishlist for School of Magic means that the price for Will Glow the Wisp drops from 2.99$ to 1.99$

  • 15 000 wishlist drops the price to 0.99$

  • 20 000 wishlists for School of Magic makes Will Glow the Wisp free

  • The price will change either by the end of the Gamescom (Aug 28th 23:00 CET) or after 20 000 wishlists have been hit. Keep in mind that Valve still needs to process the request so expect a slight delay, after the event is over. 


As part of this event, PartTimeIndie is also releasing a brand new Trailer for School of Magic which can be found here.


School of Magic

School of Magic is a roguelike where each run provides a unique skilltree. Combine spells to create a build powerful enough to take down the hordes of enemies waiting for you. A magician always has to make the right decision, do you have what it takes? 


Will Glow the Wisp

This event comes after a very successful event last year were Will Glow the Wisp turned free for a week after the PartTimeIndie newsletter hit 40 000 subscribers. You can read more about this event here:


About PartTimeIndie

PartTimeIndie was founded in 2015 and the mission is to create highly polished games with interesting gameplay. PartTimeIndie already released a Steam game (Will Glow the Wisp) and 3 mobile games (4Smile, Zoo Party and the mobile Port of Will Glow the Wisp). The focus is currently on School of Magic, a deckbuilding roguelike hack and slay game where every run has a unique skill tree.



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