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New Improvements and Player Tasks Added to Eden Falling Alpha Test 2

Second alpha phase now bulging with additions, improvements, enhancements and finally player tasks.
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Phoenix, Arizona (November 11, 2021) - Currently two months into its 2nd Alpha, Razor Edge Games is hard at work crafting new improvements for its upcoming survival RPG, Eden Falling.

Now, the team is excited to share a couple of updates that alpha playtesters can get their hands on!

The first announcement is that several bug fixes and general QoL touches have been added to the old man scene from the tutorial sequence, which was last given a pass back in early August. In particular, some persistent clipping issues with the old man’s clothes and body have been fixed, lip sync issues have been resolved, and animations have been tweaked so that the old man’s movements match the context of his speech.


The second announcement involves a new task for playtesters regarding the faction quiz during character creation. Since there are so many possible combinations during the faction quiz process, the team would love for players to spend some time trying to break the quiz and reporting back on any issues they encountered in the process. Some specific aspects where feedback would be helpful include whether the text is legible, whether the faction names aligned with the proper faction descriptions, whether players were able to get their desired outcomes, and so on. 

It’s a great time for new or returning players to hop into the ongoing Alpha and test out these new updates and tasks. For people that haven’t gotten an Alpha key yet, there is an ongoing ARG across Razor Edge Games’ social channels, and anyone who solves the puzzle will be rewarded with a Steam key.

Razor Edge would like to thank all the players who have participated in the 2nd round of Alpha testing so far, as their invaluable feedback has helped the team bring these new updates to fruition. The team can’t wait to hear more about players’ experiences with these updates and beyond!

See you all in the Afterfall!


Join the Afterfall and choose your Destiny.


About Razor Edge Games

Razor Edge Games is an independent gaming studio. We are a diverse collective of more than 140 passionate artists and gamers from around the globe with diverse backgrounds and experience levels, based in Gilbert, Arizona. With a passion for tabletop gaming and traditional RPGs in its DNA, our studio is hard at work on its debut game, Eden Falling, with several more exciting projects planned for future. 

Our mission is to create replayable, content-driven experiences fueled by innovation. REG independence means not having to adhere to flashy trends, stuffy board members, and corporate Yes-Men who rehash the same tiring games over and over. We are risk-takers with the vision to take the gaming experience far beyond traditional industry norms. We aim to give the gamer full control of their own experience.

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