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Minotaur Princess Enters Closed Beta Testing August 2nd

Rescue the Princess? You Are the Princess. Battle the Minotaur? You are the Minotaur!
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Bellevue, Washington, August 2, 2022 – Game developer Bunnies4peace Studios is excited to announce the Closed Beta launch of their first title, Minotaur Princess coming to Steam PC in Early Access Q2 2023 with additional platforms to-be-announced, once confirmed. 

Minotaur Princess will test players' puzzle-solving skills in turn-based and real-time gameplay. Prepare to overcome a myriad of foes with varying levels of strengths and abilities. Play a princess living inside the body of a Minotaur in this perfect mix of puzzle-solving and RPG story elements! To sign up for the official closed beta testing period and give the team feedback starting August 2nd through the 10th, please sign up on Discord

"I wanted to make a game that felt like Final Fantasy and Puzzle Quest had an illegitimate love child together." - Charles Kimball, Creative Director

Beta Gameplay Trailer:

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About the Game & Features in Development:
If you’re a fan of RPGs, puzzle brawlers, or exiled princesses trapped in a minotaur's body, you are in the right place! Minotaur Princess is the story of Andrea, a princess who gets her body swapped with a minotaur and exiled to a faraway land. Now she must embark on a journey to find her homeland and reclaim it. Learn new items and abilities to customize your moveset before combat.

Intense Combat

  • The combination of turn-based attack planning and real-time combat gives you time to plan your attack while making you react to combat situations in real-time.
  • Utilize 100+ different attacks and abilities to conquer your foes.
  • Meet over 100 unique characters; some will be friends, and most will be foes.
  • The 7 realms of Urasha have their own subcultures and unique challenges they bring to the goal of reuniting… with yourself.
  • Control your fate in combat: Skill matters. The difference between a poorly and perfectly executed fire spell is invoking a small flame and summoning a devastating meteor from the heavens.
  • Summon familiars to fight by your side, pray to your deity to grant you strength, throw snowballs (with rocks) at your enemies, and beat them to a pulp with your hammer. With dozens of different abilities, you can create your combat style.
  • Each ability has four tiers with varying degrees of power depending on your skill.

Competitive Multiplayer
  • Play against friends in VS mode.
  • Choose between over a dozen characters, each with their own movesets.
  • Three different VS modes of combat allow for a multitude of ways to beat the crap out of your friends!

Bad-ass soundtrack
Do you have ears? Show them some love and treat them to the beautiful and intense sounds of the seven realms of Akrotheria.

Platforms Planned: Steam PC, Windows, and Linux with other platforms TBA Once Confirmed.

About Bunnies4peace Studios
Bunnies4peace Studios is an Indie Game Studio founded in 2019, based in Bellevue, Washington, and headed by developer Charles Kimball III. The studio is currently developing Minotaur Princess, a puzzle brawler RPG for Steam PC due to launch in Early Access in Q2 2023.

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