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Marvel Contest of Champions: Moon Knight Giveaway, plus Black Cat and the Scorpion Arrive

Moon Knight tie-in as you'd expect, also Black Cat and Scorpion stuff.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

With the release of “Moon Knight” on Disney+, Moon Knight now joins the rosters of all Summoners in Marvel Contest of Champions. Moon Knight is a very special Champion in the Contest whose abilities change with the phases of the Moon. For a limited time only, Download the game now to add Moon Knight to your roster!
A Cat, a Scorpion, and a Spider sneak into an Asgardian Vault! Goldpool’s pool of Gold is in danger of falling into the hands of some foes. Luckily, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, and The Summoner are on the case!
The Spiders will need some help if they seek to swat these sticky-fingered sinister saboteurs. Luck just happens to cross their path as Black Cat has shown up in The Contest! She leads them on a trail of clues, but seems to be holding back some important intel! Who’s chasing who? What awaits our heroes on their journey? Find out what other surprises await as we play a suspenseful game of Cat and Mouse!
Moon Knight (Marc Spector) is a mercenary who died in Egypt, under the statue of the ancient deity Khonshu. He returned to life in the shadow of the moon god, and wears his mantle to fight crime for his own redemption. Is he crazy? How would you feel after being resurrected? Listen, sometimes you have to go with the voices in your head.
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) is a notorious master thief and a world-class gymnast. With her trusty grappling hook, athletic prowess, and quick wit, she easily keeps pace with her long time friend, sometimes enemy, ofttimes paramour, Spider-Man. Despite her charming demeanor, much of her past has been shaped by trauma, leaving her somewhat vindictive and prone to holding grudges. Do not let the Black Cat cross your path!
The Scorpion (Mac Gargan) is a former private investigator who willingly accepted to be the test subject of a scientific experiment that enhanced him with attributes of an animal that hunts spiders. While the experiment was successful, it had the unintended side effect of turning Gargan insane, which ultimately led to the creation of the Super Villain known as the Scorpion.
MARVEL Contest of Champions players will also find new Temporal Heist Riffs, ISO-8 daily quests, a Gamora Champion update, various other new features and improvements, bug fixes, and more. Full details on the game’s latest content update can be found HERE.

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