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Mahjong Soul Introduces “Summer Festival” with New Character, New Outfits, and more

Summer Festival starts with explosive entrance of Lily Kitahara, but don't expect that to be all.
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August 10, 2022 - Shanghai, China - The anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game, Mahjong Soul, introduces its new event which brings a new animated character “Lily Kitahara” and lots of summer elements to the Mahjong Soul world. Various events and rerun outfits are also available. The event runs from August 9th, 2022 to September 2nd, 2022 (UTC-7).

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About Summer Festival
During the Summer Festival event, a new character comes with new decorations. Players can obtain free rewards through the special event “Peerless Ichihime”. During the event, after players enter a match in Ranked Match, Tournament Match, or Friendly Match with no AI, Cat Warrior Ichihime will fight the enemies. When the stages are cleared, players will receive an abundance of rewards including Animated Tablecloth, Tile Call Indicator, Summon Scroll, and more.
In addition, during the event “Summertime Anecdotes”, players can accumulate winning points to get Éternité Coupon, which can unlock event stories.
Click to See the New Event PV Here
New Character: Lily Kitahara
Lily Kitahara, the new animated character, is a nun from Northland who found residence in a convent in One Han City after taking part in a Mahjong tournament at the Mahjong Soul Shrine. She can read her opponents’ minds, giving them no place to hide, forcing them to play right into her hands. This is what makes Lily so formidable on the Mahjong table, making her a truly challenging foe. Players can unlock her bond decorations by increasing the bond value. The decorations include Riichi, Winning, and Portrait Frame.
New and Rerun Outfits, Decorations, and more
During this Summer Festival, Mahjong Soul introduces a new series of outfits: Heartfelt Summer, including 2 animated outfits for Yui Yagi and Natsuki Shinomiya. Two other outfits are also available for Sara and Qi Xi. Also, players can obtain the new decorations in the card pool, including Tablecloth, Riichi, Winning, Tile Back, and Riichi Bet. Meanwhile, the new background named Forest Flow is available in the store.
Summer of Destiny Series and Invincible Ichihime are available now as rerun outfits. The top 3 ranking outfits from the Voting event are also on sale from July 29th, 2022 to August 4th, 2022, 2:00 PM (UTC-7).
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