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Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2 will pit you against the madness of the Great Old Ones this September!

Challenging action RPG sequel to beloved indie gem based upon Lovecraft Mythos invades minds on September 13, 2022
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Prague, Czechia – August 11, 2022 – Fulqrum Publishing and LLC Blini Games are happy to announce the return of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2, now scheduled to launch on September 13, 2022 on PC, Mac and Linux. The game features an intriguing, madness infused narrative wrapped in roguelike, action-heavy gameplay full of nightmarish locations, enemies, and bosses. Players should prepare themselves for truly challenging combat, in which their success or failure will be determined by their skill with a gun, proper preparation of crafted gear and consumables, selection of the right character for their playstyle and of course, the fickle whims of the Great Old Ones.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 let’s players switch between 6 different characters which can be unlocked during their journey, each one with a different playstyle. Fan favourites from the previous instalment - the Detective, the Witch and the Professor – make their return, joined in their fight against the insanity of the Great Old Ones by the newcomers: Medium, Veteran and Alienist.
Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 continues the narrative of the cult classic first game, but this time players will continue the fight against the unknown with new elements like crafting - using blueprints and resources to create consumables and even new equipment. Reunite with old acquaintances and meet new characters, explore new procedurally generated locations, defend themselves against dozens of different enemies and face off against epic bosses. But beware… Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 is more challenging than ever before, and the tough nightmarish creatures opposing you will not give up easily!

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 launches September 13, 2022 on PC, Mac and Linux, and will be available through Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and other digital stores for $24.99 USD / 24.99 EUR / £19.99 GBP, with a 15% store discount available during the first week of release.

To download all available assets for Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2, visit its Press Kit. Also don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam, GoG or Epic Games Store!

For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Steam.
About Fulqrum Publishing
Fulqrum Publishing is a global games publisher with a diverse portfolio of titles, that includes both in-house and independent productions. Fulqrum Publishing has successfully launched over 100 game titles including the critically acclaimed series – King’s Bounty, Men of War and Space Rangers. Recent releases include such games as Ancestors Legacy, Deep Sky Derelicts, Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, Forgive Me Father, & more. 

About Blini Games
LLC Blini Games is an indie multiplatform developer, formed in 2013 by a hardcore group of experts of the gaming business. They all come from different spheres of the gaming market: Publishing & Distribution, Marketing, Production, Art & Design, and, of course, Development.

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