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​​​​​​​Live Now: Biggest 2022 Reveals for SMITE, Paladins, and Rogue Company during ‘Hi-Rez Showcase’

Plus SMITE World Championship starts Friday, runs Jan. 7-9
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ATLANTA – JAN. 5 – Hi-Rez’s biggest yearly event, Hi-Rez Showcase, has just started! Right now at 3 p.m. EST is the most exciting beat: ‘Hi-Rez Presents’, a 30 minute-long keynote address on all the new content coming in 2022 for the studio’s popular titles SMITE, Paladins, and Rogue Company, enjoyed by 100 million players worldwide.


Watch the announcements live here right now from 3 to 3:30 EST

or find out all about it below


Event Schedule

Then from Friday 1/7 to Sunday 1/9, the spotlight will turn to the SMITE World Championship. The pinnacle of this year’s esports action will be live streamed on and on with special Twitch Drops. Check out the SWC 2022 trailer.


SMITE announcements

Since its beta in 2012, SMITE and its community have never ceased to grow and improve. In 2022, the game will continue to outperform with a Season 9 more packed than ever with new content.

New God Shiva in February

To start off Season 9, SMITE releases one of the most requested gods in its history, Shiva, the Destroyer.

Watch him in this cinematic trailer.

On the battleground of the Gods, Shiva balances two states of being, destruction and bliss, hindering his enemies or alternatively blessing his allies. Also known as the Lord of Dance, he reveals his world-ending performance within his ultimate ability.

Along with Shiva, five more playable Gods will join the fight in 2022, including some revealed in this new teaser trailer -


New Main Game Mode: Slash

Slash Reveal Trailer

This mode incorporates players’ favorite element of the Siege mode – a summonable Juggernaut – to the 5v5 experience of Clash. The new map, inspired by the Maya and Egyptian pantheons, allows for more teamfights and meaningful objectives.

Everyone can play Slash for free as soon as it launches with SMITE Season 9 this January.

New Conquest Map

Last year for the first time, SMITE released several seasonal updates for the map of its most competitive mode, Conquest. This successful initiative continues in 2022, and here is the first look at the Season 9 Conquest, Dharmic Era, the first of three new Conquest maps coming up this year.

New Conquest Map Trailer

Shiva’s presence has changed the environment to evoke elements of the Hindu pantheon. Tiamat’s castle is now overgrown as her rule subsides.

As a brand-new gameplay feature, an Obelisk can be filled with special offerings from Jungle Camps. The Obelisk grants a unique and powerful reward: Indra’s Scepter. Functioning as an indestructible mobile team tool, Indra’s Scepter either attacks nearby enemies or heals allies and structures. 

Also new, a Naga monster awaits deep in the Jungle, dropping additional offerings for the Obelisk. Finally, with Season 9 minions will be equally male and female, just like any divine and mortal population.

New ‘Adventure’ Modes and Crossovers

Season 9 brings back a community favorite: the Adventures!

Back in 2017, SMITE introduced the Adventures: temporary game modes including an anime-inspired horde mode, a King of the Hill, and several PvE dungeon-crawlers. In 2022, there will be two brand-new Adventures free for all players.

Finally, all throughout the year, new crossovers with popular franchises can be expected, as well as a substantial amount of Quality of Life updates.

Update Show Following up Now

The Season 9 Update Show is just about to start at 3:30 p.m. with all details about content coming this month with the first update of the year.

Follow to know more about Apollo remodel, the 2022 Season Pass, the Hellfire Syndicate Battle Pass, new Ranked rewards, and Glyph slots for items – allowing players to add passive effects specific to each item, such as calling down meteors with successful abilities or applying poison on critical hits.


Paladins announcements

With over 50 million players since its beta in 2015, Hi-Rez’s free-to-play fantasy shooter Paladins hit an amazing milestone in 2021, releasing the game's 50th character – just one of six new Champions throughout the year. In 2022, players can also expect even more new Champions, along with new maps and reworked ones.

New Champion VII this Month

Out this January, VII – pronounced [seven] – is the Executioner and Hand of the Outer Tribunal.

VII Trailer

All about ambushing his opponents, he can grapple onto walls and use the terrain to his advantage to get the drop on enemies. VII’s weapon mode can be changed on the fly, swapping between automatic fire, burst fire, and unloading the entire clip.

One Brand-new Map, Two Reworked Maps

After two years working with the support and suggestions of the Paladins community, a highly requested all-new map is coming soon in Season 5.

In 2021, several fan-favorite Paladins maps were visually reworked. This year, Warder’s Gate and Trade District will undergo enhancements. The rework will improve materials, textures, and landscapes, while expanding the surrounding environment.


Siege: Beyond

Throughout 2022, Siege: Beyond will provide players with multiple augmentations to Siege, Paladins’ most popular and most competitive mode. Sure to change things up, the first iteration will feature a brand-new item shop along with other major changes.

Siege players who want to stick to their guns need not worry, as Siege: Core will remain available in parallel.

Rambo x Paladins

That’s right: John Rambo is coming to Paladins as a crossover skin for popular Champion Viktor!

Even better: Rambo will be available for free for all Prime Gaming members, as soon as it launches in February 2022.

Rewards, Passes, and Bundles Revealed

The most engaged players can’t wait for Paladins’ Season 5. Now they get to know the new Ranked Reward that lies at the end of the road: Will.0 Willo. Only those who win 100 ranked matches during the upcoming season will boast this prestigious skin.

The most valuable yearly bundle in Paladins, the Season Pass, makes its return! Featuring the new Jurassic Ying skin and Dino Dash Mount, the 2022 Season Pass will also unlock each Champion in 2022 and special cosmetics for them, 1500 crystals, and more – all at a compelling price.

The Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass releases in January. Whether they are crushing classes or destroying demons, Class President Rei and Schoolyard Maeve are ready to teach foes a lesson to the energizing tunes of the music from hit YouTube artist AmaLee.

Update Show Following up Now 

The ‘Schism’ Update Show is just about to start at 3:30 p.m. with all details about content coming this month with the first update of the year.

Follow to know more about the new Champion VII, the Siege: Beyond mode, and the Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass.


Rogue Company announcements

With a community 25-million strong, Hi-Rez’s slick third person shooter Rogue Company is heading into Year 2 with a bang.

Polish and quality-of-life upgrades will be a major focus in 2022. In addition, new Rogues, maps, and game modes are already in the making – some of them releasing as early as next week. Rogue Company’s Year 2 is sure to be the best time to save the day, look good, and get paid.

New Rogue: Glimpse

As a grand conclusion to Rogue Company’s Year 1, the new Rogue Glimpse is about to join the game next week with the next major Update.

Here is Glimpse’s Reveal Trailer

Glimpse was the result of decades of genetic engineering, created for one purpose: to become the perfect weapon. Now, she devotes her life to stopping those that made her.

She can hide from view with her unique Camouflage technology, while her heightened senses help her locate nearby enemies. Glimpse is built for stealth and excels at sneaking up on her opponents.


New Map: Meltdown

Introducing Meltdown, Rogue Company’s first new map in 2022 and coming up in February, free for all players.

Check out Meltdown in this Trailer

Living up to its name, the Meltdown map is a research facility split in two between an active volcano’s crater and the icy tundra surrounding the area. Verticality is key, so aim to get the drop on the enemy team – but make sure to watch out for the lava.

Project Saint

Based on community feedback, Rogue Company chooses to double down on Quality of Life improvements and new play experiences  in 2022 – introducing Project Saint.

Core game modes will also be iterated on and new ones will be created. The first step in this direction was taken last month with the already popular Battle Zone, a new mode combining the best of both worlds: the Battle Royale genre and Rogue Company’s 4v4 core gameplay.

Also part of that initiative, players can expect new features such as human backfill, which will allow a new player to take the spot of a teammate gone AWOL.

What’s more, exciting Crossovers between Rogue Company and famous franchises are in the making for 2022. They will deliver themed Rogue Outfits along with other top-notch cosmetics.

Neochrome Battle Pass

Absolutely sci-fi and decidedly cyberpunk, the Neochrome Battle Pass is the first one this year. Coming this February, it will feature Outfits for The Fixer, Vy, Chaac, and Switchblade.

Update Show Following up Now 

The Glimpse Update Show is just about to start at 3:30 p.m. with all details about content coming next week with the first update of the year.

Follow to know more about the new Rogue Glimpse, the new map Meltdown, and the first steps in Project Saint.




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