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LAST CALL! Join us at DevGAMM Vilnius 2022 Next Week!

Get onboard July 28-29 for an Exciting Game Developer Conference in Eastern Europe
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

Vilnius, Lithuania – 20 July 2022 – DevGAMM is only a week away! With a full conference schedule with 11 speaking tracks and close to 60 speakers, a game showcase, networking and entertainment, DevGAMM will take place in Vilnius on July 28-29th. A portion of all ticket sales and sponsorship package proceeds will be donated to Ukraine relief efforts, and a charity auction will be held at the show, also for Ukraine support.

“We’re excited to welcome attendees from 32 countries to beautiful Vilnius next week,” said Lerika Mallayeva, CEO & Founder of DevGAMM. “With two packed days of content, meetings and networking with professionals throughout the video games industry, DevGAMM is the B2B event of the Baltics, and we look forward to seeing you here!”
DevGAMM Vilnius 2022 will feature two days with business meetings, talks from industry experts including Leszek Szczepański, Guerrilla Games,  Sergei Savchenko, Bethesda, Ahmed Salama, Ubisoft Stockholm, Henrique Olifiers, Bossa Games, Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild, Fawzi Mesmar, Game designer & Author, Arturs Lukasevics, TikTok, Mike Bodie, Voice Actor, Māris Naglis, HTTPOOL, Jason Polansky, Atari. These talks will be accompanied by many others as well as several panels addressing topics ranging from tech and user acquisition to education, music and the need for juniors in the industry.

Our Mission - Make Games Not War
DevGAMM was born in Ukraine, and most of our team are Ukrainians. For us February 24th changed everything; we are devastated by the events happening now in Ukraine. Some of our team members had to flee their homes in Zaporizhzhia and Rivne while continuing to work to support their families. Some are still in Ukraine, in Lviv, and our concern grows daily over their safety and wellbeing. DevGAMM strongly condemns the war and is supporting Ukrainians through various charity efforts, such as donating a portion of our ticket sales to relief efforts and co-organizing events such as the Make Games Not War networking charity event that took place in Cyprus on July 1st. To get involved and support our next charity auction at DevGAMM 2022, please email us. For more information on our position on the war in Ukraine please visit our statement page.

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