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Joycity Releases 2 New Bundles for 3on3 FreeStyle with Long-Term Benefits

A couple more bundles to benefit those with long-term ambitions.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

Irvine, California – November 17, 2021 Joycity releases 2 new special DLC bundles aimed at providing long term, playable roster benefits.

The special DLC is designed to provide 3on3 Freestyle players with benefits that’ll last a lifetime. Previously, characters needed to be unlocked by way of individual purchases. With the all-new Bundles, a single, one-time bundle purchase will unlock all characters right away.

The best part about these bundles… is that the Character Unlock feature will be applied towards all new characters in the future! More than 30 playable characters will join the roster with a bundle purchase. The bundles even provide an exclusive, in-game buff without needing to equip any buff items! This too, will be included in the bundles.

The two bundles being added are the Deluxe and Ultimate Edition bundles. The latter, Ultimate Edition bundle, will unlock not only characters but also Battle Passes. Players can enjoy Battle Pass premium missions and rewards without needing to purchase a separate Battle Pass DLC. Furthermore, the Ultimate Edition bundle will immediately provide in-game currency as a purchase bonus. For those who want to test-drive the lower tier bundle, and then decide they want all-in at a later date, those who purchased a Deluxe Edition bundle can upgrade their bundle to Ultimate whenever they want.

This update also improves upon making the game more welcoming to newcomers.

3on3 Freestyle now offers a user-friendly, in-game guide for new players. Joycity added a feature where new players (below level 25) will have the ranges of the Rebound, Diving Catch, Layup, and Dunk skills visibly displayed in-game. When a player has the ball, the marking range is now displayed as well. New players will enjoy and enhanced experience that makes these game features even more accessible.

Joycity is taking this opportunity to let the community know that they’ve been heard!

A 3rd round of balance adjustments are being added for characters Jack and Deacon. These characters had constant player feedback regarding suggested improvements that would make them more balanced and the balance patch was based on that direct feedback.

Please visit the official website for more information on 3on3 FreeStyle’s latest updates and events.

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About Joycity

Joycity Corporation is a premier game developer and publisher that specializes in games across all platforms for the global market. Some well-received mobile titles from Joycity include Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War developed in collaboration with Disney, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, Game of Dice, and the newly launched CROSSFIRE: Warzone. Joycity’s diverse game portfolio also includes the FreeStyle street sports games on PC and consoles, with the latest entry to the franchise being 3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound on Steam. For more information, visit

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