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Join the ultimate fast-paced mayhem named Rum Ram

Party title still out on Steam.
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Introducing you to the ultimate top-down party action game called Rum Ram. Destroy everyone in the name of RUM and become the arena’s dominant. A fast-paced action game that takes place in a stylized 3D environment which also has a unique stylized UI and HUD. The game is currently released on Steam and offers lots of options to the players.

4 different maps represent different areas with multiple inspirations. There are maps named Greece and Egypt which are of course inspired by the ancient great civilizations. There are also two other maps named Cemetery and Sky Island. Rum Ram is being developed with Unity 3D and supports any available controller. The company behind the game is named Purple Cow Studios, a small team of 4 people who are currently working on the project.

On the development side, it’s Pavlos Alifragis who is the Lead Designer and Adriana Alifragi on the concept arts. As you may notice they have the same surname, yes indeed they are siblings. About the marketing and communication department, it’s Alexander Gorbenko and Theofanis Gavriilidis are the Marketing Directors of Rum Ram.

Rum Ram includes 4 different game modes which are currently playable on all maps. Players can experience the world of Rum in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, One-Shot and Time Bomb. Those game modes can be played by 2 to 4 players together.

Request your Steam Key from the Lurkit platform 

The developers are currently heading for many future updates since the game is already released and available on Steam. Those updates will be dedicated to new content and features and localization. As more players are joining the game, there are plans for a competitive league in which players are going to gather points and climb the ranking with them. You can purchase the game on the Steam Page below.

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