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Introduction of best games in 2022 PlayX4 B2B

Next month's games show in Korea to take place both online and in real life.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

Amid the pandemic's weakening, Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency announced that Korea's no. 1 game show PlayX4 ( will be held in 2022 both online and offline.
The 2021 PlayX4 online B2B event saw 329 game companies — 142 game developers and 187 game buyers, recording an export of USD11,067 million and was highly recognized by national and international game industries as Korea's no. 1 game event held successfully amid the pandemic.

This year, the event will run for two days from May 12, 2022 to May 13 in the venue set at Ilsan Kintex Hall 6 both online and offline to increase the scale with more various support programs than 2021 where it was held only online, so it is expected to attract many game companies in the country and abroad.
In particular, although the global game industry is sharply growing amid the pandemic, it is quality games that are leading the industry across the board. The 2022 PlayX4 online/offline B2B selected 20 games that will lead the global game industry to signpost the development of future games and services across the world. It is expected to encourage overseas publishers and global game companies to reach out for business call.

(Developer: Bamsam Game Studio)

This game has a far-fetched story of a character climbing a mountain on a hoverboard for graduation from a college. The genre is platform action, more specifically, a precision platformer. The level of difficulty is similar to that of Getting Over It and Jump King, and players may be pissed off by the level design. It is highly recommended for game streamers. The manipulation method is nothing like what other game had; it controls the hoverboard using ASDF keys (not WASD) and features a precise speeding system. It will take quite a time getting used to playing it. (Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: Ward Games)

Ward Games is developing ZooPorts The Football. We established a corporation in Delaware, U.S. and are planning to establish one in Korea this year. ZooPorts The Football is a casual American football game of cute and characterful animals. It is a 3:3 multi-player game for mobile. We are planning to release a beta service this year and looking for publishers and investors for successful launch. We also have interest in OMCU business for our lovely and unique characters that we have confidence in. (Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: FAKE EYES CO., LTD. )

[Fake Eyes]

In 2017, Fake Eyes Co., Ltd. launched Colonicle Oculus Platform which is the world-first virtual reality game where six persons can simultaneously access on mobile real time and has been developing VR game contents in Oculus since then. Now, we are planning to release a highly anticipated new game, Hollow Reaper that has been worked on for two years.

[Hollow Reaper]

Early access to a beautiful girl’s hack & slash VR game for Oculus and highly anticipated SteamVR planned for 2022

(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: 2HKsoft)

2HKsoft is developing new items with players, pursuing a new type of game that differs from existing ones.
Tap to Galaxy is a partially incremental game that anyone can play easily. It uses a new random system, which is a new item system that allows all users to create and farm their own items.

(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: RSGAMES)

Starting as an indie game team, RSGAMES is a hybrid new game company that pursues fun and commerciality at the same time while keeping the original style of indie game team, aiming to develop a game content that anyone can enjoy regardless of genre or stories.

We pursue multi-use in our games, aiming to make various contents that are enjoyable by all without enticement for excessive charging, not just game contents.

Our first project Project Rayssus is a startup project that holds all our aims. It will be released in April 2011, targeting to be an online mechanic TPS game that everyone can play easily with fun.

(Inquiry: [email protected])
(Developer: OAA Inc. )

Chemical and Company

• The name was created to gather people with alien’s technologies to make a team.

• Mission: Our mission is to keep independence and develop games that players can relate to, based on creative stories.
◦ Information of content

PIGROMANCE unfolds stories as an ordinary boar jumps over a low fence. It uses pantomime without text for play by all. It is underway for launch in the second half, this year. For more details, visit Steam Store or website.

• Steam Store:

• Website: (Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: STI)

Motion simulator STI is dedicated to developing and providing better products for all family members.
1. X-Motion
X-Motion, the key to motion simulator and mass-produced, comes in 2 and 3 degree of freedom (DOF) products.
2-DOF (roll, pitch) motion is for race, aviation and rollercoaster games.
3-DOF (roll, pitch, yaw) motion provide a more immersive game experience by enriching the feeling from 2-DOF motion.
General fixable frames in the market and various types of other additional devices can be applied to it for more varied use, not to mention racing seats.
2. HS Series
HS Series comes in a fixable type for those who are not into motion, as well as 2-DOF and 3-DOF motion for choice. Users can convert the fixable type to a motion type by adding a motion during use if desired. It is easily assembled, installed and used indoors.
3. L-Bike
Bike-dedicated simulator L-Bike comes in an auto type that automatically applies various geographies using a bike simulation game such as Zwift and Rouvy and a manual type that requires manual adjustment of cycling posture (road cycle, comfort, recumbent). It is equipped with a built-in SIM to enable custom exercise and management even when there is no bike simulation game.
4. Tara
2-DOF motion simulator Tara is applicable to both PC and console.
It is optimized for X-box and Play Station games to provide a more immersive experience.
(Inquiry : [email protected])

(Developer: Dvora Studio)

‘Dvora Studio’, originally known as ‘Devespresso Games’, is an indie game development studio in South Korea. Starting with <The Coma: Cutting Class>, a K-school horror Run-n-Hide game, it has been released many different exotic and characteristic games such as <Vambrace: Cold Soul>, <The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters> and <Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood>. The games have unique hand-drawing styled artworks, impressive OSTs, and immersive stories to hook indie gamers up.

The upcoming game known as <Project LLS> is a tavern management simulation game in a fantasy world, and it shares its world with the previous game <Vambrace: Cold Soul>. Like all other their records, the studio will provide an amazing art & story, with an advanced gameplay experience that the fandom has been expecting. (Inquiry: [email protected] )

(Developer: Team Detective)

Team Detective is organized to develop quality detective games.

”Tell Tale – Casino Murder Case” solves a case through a trial with a little attorney, Kang Ho-yeon. It contains original game systems that engage players directly in investigations, beyond simple deduction. Put the puzzle together with characterful characters in progressive ways!

(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: LOADSTARS)

LOADSTARS is founded to develop high-quality and fun games based on know-how of skilled developers who worked over 10 years at Identity Games, NC Soft and Wemade.

Zombie Wake is a survival strategy game where players have to make endless choices to survive in a Zombie apocalypse.

It features a new concept with unique stage transitions where players get to choose one card out of three to go through a given situation and survive each stage. Players need to maximize their strategies with character skill, development and system to survive various attacks and traps, which produce a specific tension that most turn-based games do not have.

(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: Meet&Greet)
Meet & Greet makes content that women can truly enjoy. Does God Work Overtime? which features a high-quality story, exhaustive world structure and overwhelming illustration had a sizable fan base even before the launch, raising KRW124 million in crowdfunding.

Does God Work Overtime? is a visual novel-based romance simulation game where an ordinary worker becomes a god out of the blue and goes through mysterious adventures, having romance with four charming male characters. It is preparing to meet global fans and we plan to extend the base to various types of content such as IP-based mobile game, webtoon, animation and drama in future.

(Inquiry: [email protected])
(Developer: Boom Mobile)
- Introduction of Boom
The lexical meaning of boom is being widely popular. Currently, we are living amid the K-culture boon with Korean culture taking the center stage in the world!  

We will impress the world with an innovative content that can blow people’s mind to lead the era.

  • Introduction of content

A mom-themed game! Road Mama is developed based on Korean culture and Korean food. Players can learn about Korean culture from the game. It has a touching story with idol characters that have magics.

(Inquiry: [email protected] )
(Developer: HNCSOFT Co.,Ltd )
HNCSOFT Co.,Ltd produces a realistic XR content and various platform content for PC, mobile, web, etc.
Currently, we are developing a gallery metaverse multi-platform, VIA for artists.
It works in various platforms, and the advantage is that artists can create their metaverse galleries easily.
Customers can enter the gallery created by artists after paying a token and buy artworks with a token as well.

Thank you. (Inquiry: [email protected])
(Developer: NGATE Co., Ltd. )
NGATE is a professional game development company located in Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea. We are planning to launch action RPG, Waffle Story Online in North America in the mid-2022. Take an exciting adventure with powerful weapons and combat skills. Hundreds of weapons, costumes, combat skills and monsters are awaiting! (Inquiry: [email protected] )

(Developer: Joe yu)
Game in a nutshell: "Clumsy poacher’s arduous monster hunting"
1) Cartoon-style light and pleasant story
2) Hide-and-seek, battle for monster hunting
It is a platform game to hunt monsters or escape. It has a cheerful and sensual mood with a rhythmical music on 2D cartoon graphics. We intended to make a new IP game that can create fandom, not just fun.
(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: YZ WORD)

YZ WORD produces 3D games and VR games.

GEHENNA is a 3D horror adventure game where a main character Lee Yul rescues her sibling kidnapped by a creature of unknown origin in Korea.

She escapes, fights and hides from monsters that have varied to the surroundings in each stage as the story unravels. (Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: INCA Internet Co., Ltd.)

INCA Internet has been supplying and servicing game security (anti-cheat) solutions called nProtect GameGuard and nProtect AppGuard to global game companies and publishers for over 15 years.
Our game security experts are preventing sophisticated security violations that are evolving day by day through unrivaled hacking analysis know-how and continuous R&D. In addition, it supports a wide range of operating environments and platforms such as Cross-platform, Unity, Unreal, Steam and EpicGames and provides perfect compatibility.

Many customers such as Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Capcom, NCSoft, Netmarble, and Com2us have applied to more than 100 game titles to operate a safe and fair game play environment

(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: ZENPLAY)
ZENPLAY is an indi game development company specializing in sense-challenging games like rhythm games. ZOMBIE GROOVE lets players concentrate on their rhythmical senses while feeling musical groove, which is completely different from the existing rhythm games focusing on movement to rhythm and notes.

Players will node or move hands to the rhythm of merry tune, so it is easier when getting into the rhythm with the whole body and even have fun as if playing a musical instrument.

Try the new groove among the dancing zombies that is not like before. (Inquiry: [email protected] )
(Developer: COSDOTS)

“Crack a case with a brilliant reasoning while traveling eight provinces in a virtual Joseon haunted by legendary monsters!”

Travelong of Eight Provinces developed by Korean history-based story game developer COSDOTS, Co., Ltd. is a fantasy detective adventure that takes place in Joseon in the early 16th century. It is made up with six episodes in total, each of which provides a story of local lore restructured with a mysterious incident in one village in eight provinces in Joseon.

Join the journey of the Joseon’s best monster hunter “Jeong” and elite military officer “Jo”!

(Inquiry: [email protected])

(Developer: Pixellore Inc )

Pixellore was founded by industry veteran Saehoon Lee, with more than 22 years of game industry experience primary on console gaming platform. He has previously worked at Microsoft Games Studio Rare as a lead role in technical art. His extensive experience and knowledge in creating game for console market makes him unique in Korea. Pixellore released two titles, Subterrain (2016) and RemiLore (2019). We are currently working on Subterrain Mines of Titan, which is a follow up project from original Subterrain released in 2016. Subterrain Mines of Titan is fast paced turn based sci-fi RPG set on Titan, where survival elements are met with ever evolving world surrounding player. It is expected to be completed on late 2022. (Inquiry: [email protected] )

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