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Infection Free Zone – the upcoming post-apocalyptic city builder featuring real-world maps, showcased in a 6-minute gameplay video.

Dive deep into the game’s features while listening to Ian – the main narrator’s commentary – explaining, among other things, how you can use your neighborhood knowledge to make the most of the game.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 18th, Warsaw, Poland.

This knowledge might be crucial to surviving the mysterious pandemic outbreak, as Infection Free Zone uses OpenStreetMap’s real-world data to build the game world. Know where the nearest hospital, grocery store, or gas station is in your city? Great! Use that knowledge to set up your base, gather resources, and prepare for the night. When the sun goes down, horror awakens.

Watch the Infection Free Zone gameplay video with commentary HERE.

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Infection Free Zone is a city-building strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Become an apocalypse survivor. Lead a group of people still alive and mentally healthy from your city and try to establish a new “Infection Free Zone” that will make it through the night. Scavenge for resources, fight the infected, and defend your base from other survivor attacks. Consider anything and everything that might increase your chances of living and rebuilding the world you once knew.


  • Rebuild any REAL CITY in the world. Use OpenStreetMap’s real-world data and choose any city in the world in which to play. Set up shelters and production facilities. Adapt existing buildings to new needs. Build farms and powerplants, and don’t forget to establish defenses with walls, gates, and towers.
  • Scavenge for resources. Make good use of your knowledge of the city and find the best place to defend your base. Remember where the grocery stores and pharmacies are. Figure out where to find weapons. Remember that old, devastated buildings might be filled with resources, but infected might lurk in the dark. So, if you decide to explore the ruins, you’d better be well-prepared.
  • Fight the infected. Prepare for large hordes of enemies that attack your base every night. Fight them off with every tool available – melee and ranged weapons, vehicles, walls, and even light sources. Choose to research a vaccine or cure that will stop the virus from spreading and ensure your ultimate victory, or simply enjoy rebuilding entire cities.
  • Protect your base from the living. Remember that your zone isn’t the only one out there. And, while some other groups of survivors may be friendly, helpful, and willing to trade, others may turn out to be as hostile as the infected.

“The Mad Virus” came out of nowhere and spread across the world at breakneck speed. Most people were lucky – it caused their hearts to stop, and just like that, they were gone. They didn’t have to worry about what the world would turn into after all hell broke loose. Others were less fortunate, losing control of themselves once infected and becoming aggressive toward just about everything. As a result, it didn’t take long for entire societies to collapse, followed by city-wide evacuations and deficiencies in essential resources like electricity, water, and food. Yet, the truly doomed are neither the dead nor infected, but those who survived. The ones like you, forced to live, trying to rebuild whatever is left of the civilization we once knew.

Infection Free Zone is being developed by Jutsu Games and will be published by Games Operators on PC in 2023.

Follow Infection Free Zone on Steam and the publisher on Facebook and Twitter for more information.
The hands-on demo of Infection Free Zone will be available at Gamescom.

About Jutsu Games
Jutsu is a Chinese word for technique, method, spell, skill, or trick. Fittingly, the team’s main focus is creating innovative gameplay experiences. Jutsu Games are best known for their hit games 112 Operator, 911 Operator, and Rustler.

About Games Operators
Games Operators is a publishing company that invests in, releases, and promotes video games. The company helps develop innovative and unique video games like 911 Operator, Radio Commander, 112 Operator, BE-A Walker, and Transport INC. by getting involved in projects at various levels of progress – from the conceptual phase to nearly-finished products.

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