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Indie Developers flock to Antstream Arcade to reach global audiences

Drive to include more and more indie titles grows apace.
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  • Initiative will see new releases for old hardware playable on Antstream Arcade’s cloud gaming service
  • New titles to join the world’s largest library of streamable games

London: 11th January 2022: Global cloud gaming leader Antstream Arcade has today announced its support for the Indie Development community with an array of partnerships which helps Indie developers reach its rapidly expanding Retro Gaming audience.

The initiative will see new games developed for retro consoles and hardware join the world’s largest cloud gaming library of more than 1200 iconic retro games. Games like Reshoot-R, Flea, Millie&Molly, Bug's Quest for Tapes, and puzzle platformer Tanglewood will be available to play alongside iconic classics including Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat.

Developers that choose to host their games on Antstream Arcade not only get the chance to reach a global retro gaming audience without the restrictions of specific hardware, but they also receive a recurring revenue share - getting paid every time their game is played through Antstream, no matter where or on what device. All titles are available to play for free, without downloads through Antstream’s freemium tier of membership.

CEO of Antstream Arcade Steve Cottam said: “At Antstream we’ve been inspired by the current wave of “new-retro” indie games. Developing games for old hardware is a labour of love, and we are thrilled the indie developer community is choosing Antstream’s unique platform and features to reach a rapidly growing  international audience of retro and casual gamers. We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be in a position where our technology directly benefit indie developers, and look forward to helping bring these inspiring games to our fans around the world.” - Alastair of Lowtek games added "The tech involved in adding new features to old and new games is an awesome idea, and Antstream does all the hard work".

Developer of platformer Bug’s quest for Tapes (Aka YellowBelly) said: "Working with Antstream has been amazing, they helped make my bedroom coder dream a reality with my CPC game. Not only is it the 1st Amstrad game on its platform it is now being played by gamers around the world. I’d like to actively encourage other devs like me to join in. If you have a game you have made, and want it to be played everywhere in the world, I can't recommend Antstream enough. The process is simple and the support given has been like having your own big team behind your game."

Antstream will also be offering its streaming service as a platform to help creators with game development, specifically by providing a place for playtesting  games without the complexities of sending physical copies to a limited number of potential play testers possessing the necessary hardware.

Sascha Reuter of Fullset, developer of Project Neon for the Neo Geo, said: “Developing a game for a classic console is not an easy feat. Having the game being put through its paces by real-world players, before you start producing and shipping a truckload of cartridges, can easily grow into an even bigger challenge. By partnering with Antstream though, we were able to organize a global playtesting session, without the hassle and risk usually involved by distributing test version ROMs. If you are developing for any classic system, this is the way forward!”

Developers looking to showcase their games on Antstream can get in touch here.


About Antstream Arcade:

Antstream Arcade was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in London, UK. Over the last few years it has become the world's first and largest classic game streaming subscription service and has amassed the largest collection of fully licensed games titles available for streaming in one place.

Antstream is all about the challenge – a streaming service that makes casual and retro games available on-demand on all your devices. Players get access to over 1,100 video games.

The Antstream Arcade streaming service allows users to play classic video games, directly from the cloud with no downloads or installs, on modern devices through an ad-supported freemium model or a selection of affordable subscriptions. To find out more visit

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