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Indelve brings the first space themed metaverse game to the Algorand Game-Fi ecosystem

By developing Trantorian, Indelve aims to create the first economically-sustainable project with a coinless approach and innovative NFTs mechanics
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California, USA - March 31, 2022 – USA publisher Indelve Inc. today announces their first 4X-RPG space theme NFT based game, Trantorian, developed on the Algorand blockchain.

Indelve, a video game studio launched by the founding team behind Interatica, a leading experiential software agency known for delivering high-impact games, 4D simulators and immersive empathic experiences for global clients. Indelve’s vision is to become the first full-fledged gaming-specific Layer-2.
Trantorian is set in a not-so-distant dystopian future where three, similarly advanced technological races are sent on a one way trip to an unknown, unexplored galaxy. Without any way to communicate with their home planets, these three races have no choice but to collaborate together on the only near habitable planet, Nairoth.
Built with beautiful 3D graphics and a very profound lore, players will be able to trade, explore and battle as Fleet Commanders by owning NFT spaceships, and/or run a Space Tycoon career by owning lands on planets–enabled by Algorand's support of fractional NFTs.
"As hardcore gamers and game developers with 15+ years of passion and experience , our goal with Trantorian is to create the first truly descentralized and economically sustainable metaverse game." said Nicolas Varchavsky, Co-Founder and CTO of Indelve Inc. "We aim to bring together the best of traditional games: an exciting lore and deep mechanics; with the exciting and new features blockchain technology enables: like owning your assets as NFTs and a player driven decentralized metaverse. And in the process you can even make a profit out of it".
Why did we choose Algorand to build our life’s work?
Read our Medium post here:
View the first Trantorian gameplay teaser here:

View the first Trantorian cinematic trailer here:
As Fleet Commanders, players will be in charge of providing essential transport and trading services between planets. Resources need to be transported around for planets to grow and build advanced structures. And to help the Galactic Union to increase its development level through the research of new technologies and construction of great wonders. The galaxy, however, is not free from dangers. So spaceships will also be ready for combat to fend off pirates, hostile civilizations and other attackers.

In-game Pre-Alpha screenshot
Battles will be PVE, open world PVP and ranked PVP tournaments to choose from. Different spaceship types will perform specific roles. Some will be focused on doing damage, while others on shielding or repairing. These roles mixed with a depth battle strategy system will make every fleet unique.
Participating in the governance of a planetary system as a Space Tycoon also gives players the ability to build the backbone of the Galactic Union. From providing recharge and repair services to spaceships, to thriving with a large, happy population. Compete with other landowners to rule the planetary system to make it a beacon of the Union.
Visit the Trantorian Dark Paper for detailed game information:
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