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IN-FUSIO brings "F-16 Air Fighter" to mobile phones

"Target locked! Missile launched!" - IN-FUSIOs F-16
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

Bordeaux, March 21st 2006 - Mobile players will soon be able to enter the cockpit and take control of one of the best fighter-jets in the world, the F-16 Fighting FalconTM. The innovative shoot-'em-up mobile game "F-16 Air Fighter", featuring exclusive air simulation elements, is scheduled for a release in May 2006 on Java enabled mobile phones.

Created by LOCKHEED MARTIN, the highly versatile and exceptionally manoeuvrable F-16 is the world's most stunningly popular "multi-role" fighter ever. Over 110 different versions of the aircraft have been released, covering 24 nations worldwide. Due to its attributes, the most prestigious manufacturers of video games, joysticks and simulation cockpits prefer the F-16 as the ultimate reference.

Thanks to the official F-16 license, the innovative shoot-'em-up game is now available for mobile phones from IN-FUSIO. In addition to the standard features such as frenzied "dogfight" action, multiple weapons, bonus collections and more, true air simulation features are implemented into F-16 Air Fighter as key game-play elements. Players enter for example an "Air Fighting School" to perform training sessions (aircraft carrier landing, precision shooting practice, etc.) and rise up through the ranks and access increasingly difficult realistic war missions around the world.

Following recon, bombing, interception or escort actions, the players experience tense refuelling phases with the possibility to learn tricky, acrobatic manoeuvres that may save his or her life during combat. The realism of the game is also enhanced thanks to the enemies proposed: MIG-29 air fighters, AMX tanks, KA-50 Hokum helicopter and many more.

Finally, exclusive gifts including wallpapers and ring-tones (handset and carrier dependent) as well as hidden, downloadable weapons as extra added bonuses are available.

So start your engine and put your helmet on...frenzied action ahead!!


Lockheed Martin Corporation was formed in March 1995 with 130,000+ employees worldwide. In addition to the F-16 Fighting Falcon, Lockheed is the manufacturer of the famous F-117TM NighthawkTM (UFO-like stealth bomber), the U2 (historical high altitude recon plane) and the F-14 Tomcat (Top Gun's "hero").

LOCKHEED MARTIN, F-16 Fighting Falcon, associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other countries, used under license by IN-FUSIO.


IN-FUSIO is a leading international mobile entertainment company, publishing games and applications for cell phones worldwide.

IN-FUSIO applications are enjoyed by more than 17 million people and available through more than 300 carriers and portals worldwide. The company's portfolio includes licensed applications based on Microsoft's HaloTM franchise, games based on Microsoft's Age of Empires 2, Midtown Madness 3 and Zoo Tycoon 2, Neopets, Twentieth Century Fox's Die Hard, Canal Studio Image's The TerminatorTM, Tour de France, Golden TeeTM, and original titles such as the award winning Shado Fighter and the famous Wallbreaker sold on more than 27 millions handsets. IN-FUSIO has offices in Los Angeles (North American headquarters), Chicago, London, Bordeaux (global headquarters), Düsseldorf and Shanghai.

For further information on "F-16 Air Fighter" and IN-FUSIO please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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