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HypeHype empowers everyone to create and remix games with their phones - raises 13M EUR from Supercell

HypeHype app brings game making to a 100 times bigger audience with a 100 times faster creation time.
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HypeHype is a new platform for creating, remixing and playing user-generated games with a phone, tablet or desktop. Currently in early access, HypeHype offers all the essential features and tools for making modern games, and takes game creation from months of complex PC development to just hours of visual editing on the go.

“Creating a hit game requires a team of people with different skills and can take anything from months to years to develop. We plan to change this with HypeHype, by offering better, easier and faster game making tools to everyone with a phone.” says Johannes Vuorinen, the founder and the CEO of HypeHype Inc.

HypeHype editor is an evolution of gaming
HypeHype’s new industry defining editor is accessible on mobile and optimized for touch-screens. Creators don’t need to understand traditional game programming, but can focus purely on making epic games and experiences.

“We believe HypeHype can bring game-making to billions of people and unleash their creativity to create even AAA games. Creators will be able to learn fast, collaborate together, and eventually earn money from their games” says Teemu Mäki-Patola, COO of HypeHype Inc.

HypeHype games can be played instantly on the app or any device with a web browser, even on other social media apps. The platform will also support real-time collaborative editing by multiple creators, as well as making online multiplayer games.

In addition to games, with HypeHype creators can make interactive entertainment, memes and animations as well.

Remixing is the revolution of game making
Creators can remix any existing game on HypeHype. Games can be instantly improved, evolved with new features and levels, or turned into a completely unique version with a different game genre or mechanic. HypeHype maintains the full history of the remix evolution with a transparent creator ownership.

“With Hypehype, creators can instantly jump from inspiration to editing, and remix a unique game even in minutes”, says Johannes Vuorinen. “We’ve seen that remixing makes it possible to create new experiences 100 times faster than before”.
Backed by Supercell
Supercell recently invested 13M EUR to HypeHype Inc. - formerly known as Frogmind - to accelerate and expand the development of the highly promising user-generated content platform for gaming.

“We are excited to see the HypeHype team's bold and ambitious vision to revolutionize how games are created and played. At Supercell, we are huge believers in the power of UGC and giving creators new and innovative outlets for their creativity. Our partnership with Frogmind started back in 2016 and we are thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to continue supporting them on this new leg in their adventure for years to come.”says Jaakko Harlas, Investments Lead, Supercell.
Frogmind changes its name to HypeHype Inc. to reflect its new vision.


HypeHype app has been in technical early access in the Philippines since spring 2021. Creators have already made over 132 000 games just by using their phones. HypeHype early access app has an excellent 4,6 out of 5 stars rating in the App Store.
HypeHype Editor features include:
• No-code game editor that works on a phone or any device
• Quickly remixing new versions of existing games
• Built-in 3D graphics and physics
• Advanced game logic components, nodes
• A growing library of ready-made assets; objects, visuals, music and add-ons
HypeHype app features include:
• Endless stream of games that matches player interests
• Instant play, without waiting or installing new apps
• Built-in live streaming for creators and players
• Leaderboards for competitive gaming
• Collaborative and social features
• Transparent & true ownership of games, remixes and creations
To learn more about HypeHype and see it in action, download the press kit.

HypeHype early access is available to download on iOS and Android devices. Visit to get access.

More information:

Johannes Vuorinen, Founder & CEO, HypeHype Inc.
[email protected]
Read the HypeHype Founder’s Letter

Teemu Mäki-Patola, COO, HypeHype Inc.
[email protected]

Jarno Kallunki-Mättö, Marketing Lead, HypeHype Inc.
[email protected]

About HypeHype Inc.
HypeHype Inc. is a game technology and platform company, previously known as Frogmind, developer of the award-winning BADLAND and Rumble Stars series. HypeHype Inc. is operating independently in a long-term partnership with Supercell. More information at

HypeHype Inc. has grown 50 % in the last year into a company of 37 developers working on the HypeHype platform, and is looking for more awesome people to join the ambitious journey of empowering anyone to become a game creator. More information at

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