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Holomento is out now on Early Access!

Early Access phase starts.
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April 27, 2022

Holomento, the stunning Permadeath Action-RPG with Rogue-lite elements, where players will not only explore a massive world but also rebuild it, is out now in Early Access on Steam and Good Old Games. To celebrate the launch of the game, a fresh launch trailer has been released!

Holomento offers a handcrafted massive overworld which the player can influence over time, while the dungeons are procedurally generated. Players will need to rebuild villages, towns, unlock shortcuts and complete various challenges. Gather resources, fulfill quests and fight dangerous monsters in the wilderness.


The Early Access version contains content for hours full of action and exploration already. The first procedurally generated dungeon is included, next to the massive overworld. Players can also start rebuilding the first town and filling up the museum with discovered relics

Holomento is out now on Early Access and comes along with a launch discount of 15% for a limited time.

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For more information, please contact [email protected]

About Holomento


Holomento is an Indie Permadeath Action-RPG focusing on the dangerous quest of passing through the mysterious Eventide Hollow – and rebuilding it step by step.

A horrible curse was laid upon the land and Eventide Hollow fell into despair. The source of the curse was also its only protection from it: the Holomento.

Holomento enables you to write your own story as generations of Travelers pass through a land desperate for help. Open shortcuts, reveal secrets, locate ancient relics, and build improvements to enhance the Hollow for future travels.

Due to the curse, travelling through Eventide Hollow is quite dangerous, with many enemies that you will have to deal with. Thankfully, Travelers are well versed in handling all kinds of weaponry, from swords and bows to handguns and… grenade launchers?

During your journeys, you will have the opportunity to restore the Hollow to its former glory! Upgrading shops and homes, rebuilding towns, and improving the Hollow will help you on your future journeys.

About Deck 13 Spotlight

Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany's leading developers. Based in Frankfurt, the passionate team develops award-winning, large-scale productions for consoles and PC. With Deck13 Spotlight the team has also established a publishing service that helps independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences.

More information on the website:
About Sean Weech

Sean Weech is a wicked madman developing Holomento on his own with the help of a handful of freelancers and outside contributors. This programmer apparently never sleeps, so everyone's making fun of him for likely being an actual gamedev vampire.


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