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Heart of Murtiet, a Voxel RTS Inspired by the Golden Age of Real-Time Strategy

Swap micromanagement for epic-scale fantasy battles!
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Solo developer, Microtale, is excited to announce their first title, Heart of Muriet, a real-time strategy game set in the stunning voxel lands of Muriet. Watch the trailer here.

The Seener, a powerful band of Wizards, have been removed from power and seen their families kidnapped by an opposing house. Fortunately, a young, powerful Seener wizard survived the siege and is now on a quest to restore the Seener to its former glory.

Teaming up with Elves, Dwarfs, and Mages, you’ll need to build and manage settlements while researching powerful magic to overcome the enemy in tense, company-based warfare.

Heart of Muriet’s gameplay favours grand strategy over individual unit micromanagement, much like the original Starcraft and Warcraft games. Combine your resources with troop management, research progression, and base building to overcome the Heart of Muriet’s single-player campaign and restore the Seneer to its former power.

After restoring glory to the fabled lands of Muriet, players can play in 1v1 skirmishes on maps they or their friends have created. A full-level editor will be available, offering the opportunity to create a map and set objectives, restrict army size and even add an AI team to create a co-op experience. 

Heart of Muriet is set to release early next year in Steam Early Access. Developer Microtale is launching a Kickstarter campaign on the 27th of August with an aim to raise funds to help develop the game to its full potential. The Kickstarter campaign will offer a demo where players can play the first three stages of the campaign and use the level editor.

If you wish to preview Heart of Muriet before its Kickstarter campaign or Early Access release, please reply to the link below. Preview keys are available now.

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About Microtale
Microtale Games is an indie game developer run by Matthias Schindler. He has worked on over 50 games in the past and has more than 20 years of industry experience. After releasing some mobile games in 2016 and 2017, he decided to leave the oversaturated mobile market and develop the games he plays the most: strategy games on PC. 

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