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Green Grey invests $2 mln in Pocket Size Games to create next-generation social impact mobile games on socially significant topics

Global mobile holding company Green Grey invests $2 mln in a new independent US game studio, Pocket Size Games
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November 18, 2021The studio will focus on creating the next generation of mobile games with storylines that are relevant on both a global and personal level, including environmental issues, the search for one’s destiny and social inequality. In the virtual universe of Green Grey and Pocket Size Games, users are invited to identify solutions to the problems at hand.

The development team counts industry veterans from Disney, Electronic Arts, MyTona, Liquid Development and others among its founders and advisers, along with Michael Casalino, Maxim Miheyenko and Yuri Kolokolnikov. Michael Casalino previously served as artistic director at Disney Mobile and CEO of 5518 Studios (which was acquired by PTW), while Maxim Miheyenko was a chief operating officer of 5518 Studios and a founder of the VR foreign language project House of Languages VR (which received a grant from Facebook Oculus). Yuri Kolokolnikov is a famous Russian actor (also known for roles in Game of Thrones and Tenet) and a film producer.

Dima Morozov, founder of Green Grey: ‘The mobile games market is now growing at a record pace worldwide; there will be up to 3bn players by the end of this year, and spending on such products will exceed USD 120bn. There are currently a large number of free2play mobile games across the market, and such games are also included among the projects, with which we are already involved. Given the inclusive nature of the mobile games market, they should also have a social function. Even today, our industry cannot stand on the sidelines of social and environmental challenges. Mobile games are increasingly growing into real media, a new channel of communication for those who do not interact with traditional media. Over several months, we at Green Grey have considered investments in promising projects with a social component. As soon as the Pocket Size Games team shared their visions for future game products, we understood that this was exactly the kind of thing we wanted to work with and something worth investing in.’

This is an excellent opportunity to create the next generation of story-driven games for our audience, which can help find themselves in the virtual world – and solutions to real-world global problems that we are now facing,’ said Maxim Miheyenko.

Michael Casalino: ‘Life has changed for all of us in the last 1.5 years, and now we crave new experiences that require the least amount of effort. We seek to develop the next generation of immersive, intuitive and realistic mobile games with compelling storylines and high-budget graphics that are also fully immersive and engaging.’

The primary objective of advisors Michael Casalino, Maxim Miheyenko and Yuri Kolokolnikov is to help the PSG team find its direction, determine a vector of development, inspire the team to think outside the box and find creative solutions to problems of growth. The team aims to create products that will bring qualitatively new experience to the gaming industry and become successful.

Development of the first games by Pocket Size Games, Inc., with support from Green Grey, will take up to 1.5 years and is expected to be completed by March 2023. The projects are now in their preliminary conceptualization and plot development stage.

The first project by Pocket Size Games, in collaboration with Green Grey, is a game with a gripping story about a world on the brink of ecological collapse. In our present world – where the devastating effects of global warming will prove irreversible in the next 30 years – many still see climate change as a distant, far-fetched problem, and not one that is here and now. By reincarnating oneself as a character in a game, players can immerse themselves in a social and climatic agenda to simply discuss difficult topics or identify solutions. Green Grey and Pocket Size Games are convinced that these projects will prove impactful.

Green Grey is an international holding company in the mobile sector that works in several business fields:

Green Grey Publisher: creating, publishing and promoting mobile games and apps

Green Grey Technologies: developing and investing in technology solutions

Green Grey Investment: investment in games and mobile projects

Green Grey’s mission is to harness years of experience creating and promoting products to support the development of the mobile industry worldwide. We do this by developing game studios and mobile technology projects.

Pocket Size Games (PSG) is a bright and talented team from the United States (headquartered in New Orleans), Canada and the CIS, which is focused on creating adventure games for mobile devices that are inspired by cult-favorites like Inside, Limbo, and Little Nightmares 2.

The studio aims to create high-quality and engaging single-player projects that touch on important aspects of everyone’s life. In its games, PSG raises themes like saving the world, finding one’s true destiny, and environmental threats. The PSG team comprises 30+ professionals worldwide, having previously collaborated with Liquid Development,, 5518 studios, Mobirate and Ubisoft Toronto.

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