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Gemini press release

Former Sony R&D big shot, Dominic Mallinson, giving lots of advice to Hungarian startup, makers of new game controller.
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Gaming industry veteran Dominic Mallinson, former Senior Vice President of R&D at Sony Interactive has partnered up as an advisor with 9 Axis, a European startup focused on the development of a game controller called Gemini. It features a novel input method for video games. They’re planning to start a Kickstarter campaign in the second quarter of 2022 to launch the periphery as a first-generation product for simulator gaming. 

GEMINI controller

The controller prototype is similar in size to the other standard controllers but has some very distinctive features:

  • For each thumb stick, there’s a new axis along the Z plane. This has never been done before and with this input, it’s possible to use the whole range of motion of the most versatile finger of the body: the thumb.

  • It also has a wrist control mechanism incorporated: it allows the pitch, roll, and yaw navigational inputs to be actuated with a flick of a wrist. 

  • The patented gamepad is essentially an enhanced joystick in a different form, but it can be used comfortably anywhere in contrast to the joystick, which always requires a flat surface.

  • Along with these inputs, it has the usual shoulder buttons and triggers, and action buttons that are unusual for controllers: 5-way hat switches. According to the developers, the final number, type, and setup of inputs may be different.

  • A few words from the founder and CEO of 9 Axis, Robin Kosnas: 
    "It's hard to introduce any new hardware to the market, but even harder when you have to fray out your playing field in a land of giant companies. They are sluggish, but dominant nonetheless. We have the classic chicken and egg problem: There’s an original gaming control mechanism but there is no suitable gaming content for it yet. Our first step to resolve this is through simulator games. These games can accept a wide array of various peripheries and controls with ease and our controller is a great fit for the input requirements of such games. Once we’ve established a solid base, the plan is to bring our own games to life, which will utilize the full scope of Gemini’s control scheme, regardless of the genre. What we are trying to achieve is to make a platform for unique gaming experiences that are fundamentally different from everything else. Our motto resonates well with this mission: 
    Why fit in when you were born to stand out? "

About 9 Axis

The company was established in Budapest, Hungary in the year 2018 with the purpose to research and develop the gaming hardware of tomorrow. There are mechanical, electrical engineering, and design experts onboard who successfully made Brewie: the World's first fully automated home-brewery machine a reality. With Dominic on board as a consultant, the team is confident that a successful campaign will get them closer to reaching their goals set for the future. 

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