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Fresh Start Worlds coming to RuneScape and Old School RuneScape

As part of the 300 Million Accounts Celebrations, Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape launch September 12 followed by Old School RuneScape in October.
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Monday, 15 August 2022, Cambridge, UK – Today, RuneScape has announced that its Fresh Start Worlds in-game event will begin on 12 September to celebrate surpassing 300 million accounts. Fresh Start Worlds allows RuneScape players to create new characters on a special World where everyone begins on a level playing field. With a brand-new economy, Grand Exchange, rare tradeable rewards, and accelerated XP boost for fast levelling, there’s never been a better time to start over again.

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds will run for four months, allowing players to rediscover RuneScape together as they return to landmark cities, memorable quests, skilling areas and boss battles, all with accelerated XP and gameplay boosts. Players will be able to return to the core game at any time with their newly levelled character and all their earned rich rewards - including new cosmetic armour, pet skins, alternative skill capes and rare tradeable rewards. For those competitive Scapers’ there's the added incentive of an 8-week competition focused on hi-scores and world firsts.

Old School RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds will launch in October and offer players a unique challenge and opportunity. Unlike in RuneScape, Old School Fresh Start Worlds will not benefit from an XP boost, meaning that players will have to rely on their wits to get ahead. It still offers the players the same Old School RuneScape experience players know and love, but they'll be diving into a world that has a brand-new economy and hi-scores ready to be claimed. Six months after the launch, players will have their characters transferred onto a main game server to continue the fun for years to come.

“We’re constantly blown away by the dedication of our community in both Old School and RuneScape” said Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO. “Fresh Start Worlds is an opportunity for players both new and returning to start again as equals, experiencing the game together in world with a brand new economy, forging new adventures in a fresh world for the first time since our launch 21 years ago. Now really is the perfect moment to get back into RuneScape!”

Fresh Start Worlds launches as part of Jagex’s 300 million Account Celebration, a milestone event with activities across both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. RuneScape players can join the 300 Million Party at the Grand Exchange and talk to Party Pete to get a free gift and more.

RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.


Notes to Editors: 
Please note: For the first eight weeks of RuneScape's Fresh Start Worlds event, players will be unable to use Treasure Hunter keys.

About RuneScape 
More than twenty years in the making and acclaimed by PC Gamer as “one of the most endearing and unique MMOs available”, RuneScape is an ever-expanding, living game that’s bursting with activity and life. Today RuneScape is one of the world’s longest-running online games, welcomed 300 million player accounts, and is at peak popularity with millions of players. 

Set in a medieval fantasy land, begin by creating a character and then embark on epic journeys through a vast sandbox world that’s full of gods, warring races, unexplored dungeons, and glittering riches. Propelled by the game’s narrative, choose your own path through enthralling quests, and progress through 28 diverse skills to shape a single character in a classless world. RuneScape on mobile is now available for iOS and Android devices, featuring cross-platform play between mobile and desktop editions, enabling players to seamlessly jump between devices and take their adventure anywhere. In RuneScape, you get to be the hero you always wanted to be and, with new content added almost every week, there’s always a new and adventurous experience to look forward to. Become the hero you were born to be at 

About Jagex 
A leader in creating deep and engaging live games on PC and mobile, Jagex’s flagship MMORPG, RuneScape, has welcomed 300 million player accounts to its world and is a $1billion lifetime revenue franchise. Today the RuneScape franchise exists beyond running games in live operations; our titles are living games that connect and inspire millions of players, with content and experiences both inside and outside of inexhaustible game worlds. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, on PC and mobile, offer ever-evolving, highly active worlds and our community-focussed development ethos empowers players to have a real say in how each game is shaped. Now we’re expanding and extending our portfolio with fresh franchise titles and new IP to bring life to the living games of the future. Jagex employs more than 450 people at its Cambridge headquarters. Career information can be found at 

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Jagex Games Studio
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