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Former 3D Realms employees presents ultraviolent, old-school shooter about crypto-mining empire – BRUTAL JOHN

Demo Version Available Now For All Players. Early Access Coming in Q2 2022.
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DALLAS, TX – Apr. 21, 2022 – BRUTAL JOHN, the old-school first-person shooter from OldSchool Laws Interactive, will release on early access for Windows PC in Q2 2022. Demo Version of the game is available today! Players will receive a complete and polished around half hour demo program.

BRUTAL JOHN is a fast-paced ultraviolent old school FPS that fuses together crazy storyline about crypto-mining technologies, with gameplay from cult classic shooters like Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Doom, Soldier of Fortune.

Luzilian, the evil mutant, has captured the world using crypto-mining technologies. He is the main mining boss of the universe. Those who control crypto-mining - controls the world. And only one man can stop it - Brutal John.

The game takes place in 2090 - cryptocurrency technologies were able to completely conquer the world, because of which the world was on the verge of disaster - the world's economy was destroyed, and the whole atmosphere was polluted with harmful emissions produced by all factories in the world in order to maintain a high mining hash rate.

Brutal John is a tough guy. He was determined to end the crypto-currency empire of Luzilian. To solve this problem - John will enlist the support of his fighting friend Jessica and his faithful hound-hacker named “Schwarznold Von Dog”, or just Brutal Dog.

Also, under the control of the mutant Luzilian is the entire army and police force of our planet. Defeating him will be a very difficult task for Brutal John and his comrades.

Key Features :

- True old school shooter, inspired by the best 90s shooters.

- Crazy storyline. Save the world from mining.

- Totally brutal aliens annihilation. Rip apart your enemies with various destructive weapons.

- Insane boss fights: from crazy cooks and generals - to huge brain machines, and fatty aliens.

- Destroy cryptomining technologies.

- Stylish Retro graphics.

- Seek secrets and easter eggs.

- Explore different locations: space stations, cities, wild west, caverns, casino, mining factories, etc.

- Superior dynamically changing old school soundtrack, by VM-Sound.

Brutal John will available on Steam Early Access in Q2 2022 for $19.99. The game will fully launch in 2023.

Steam Page:

For more information please explore Brutal John website.


Streaming Trailer

Screenshots & Trailer Download

About OldSchool Laws Interactive

OldSchool Laws Interactive is a three-man indie team, found in 2012. Most of the team members are former 3D Realms employees. Team members have worked on a lot of AAA, B, mobile, and indie titles. Each team member have 12+ years of gamedev experience and 24+ years of gaming experience.

Our goal is simple – we want to create most fun, and polished retro based games, in the best traditions of cult classic games.

Media Contact

OldSchool Laws Interactive

[email protected]

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