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Forge a Path to Victory in Purple War, an RTS Launching in Early Access This Summer

Experience classic RTS gameplay during the playtest on Steam starting April 25th
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April 19th, 2022 - Developer Warlogics has just announced Purple War, an upcoming RTS that will open up for playtesting from April 25th to May 8th. Paying homage to classics like Starcraft and Age of Empires, players can dive into PvP matches with up to eight people alongside a story campaign. Following the playtest Purple War will enter early access this summer. 

Humans, elves and orcs had once lived together peacefully in the land of Daivos. However a newly discovered supernatural resource called Purple Stone caused conflicts and ignited a war that split each race apart. Purple War can be played in single player or online multiplayer modes, with three unique story campaigns that focus on each class that will be revealed at the Early Access launch.

In Purple War, players control teams and select their preferred races on the battlefield for matches from 1v1 to 4v4 players. In the style of classic RTS games, players will mine resources to build bases and recruit troops to take down enemy forces. Carry out various tactics like scouting, sneak attacks, disturb enemy mining resources, and attacking the forward bases with allied players. Purple War’s unique units from each race make it possible to form and operate troops strategically. Gameplay is fast-paced but easy to learn, allowing players to concentrate on strategizing during intense battles.

“This project was born from the nostalgia of playing classic multiplayer oriented RTS games such as Starcraft, Warcraft 2 and Command & Conquer, and it is our homage to them,” said Won Joon Chee, executive producer on Purple War. “Our goal is to inspire a new generation of RTS players by taking inspiration from the classics while revitalizing the genre using modern technology and bold visuals. We believe with more variation comes more excitement for players.That’s why Purple War is emphasizing multiplayer matches, which allows for varied gameplay depending on who you play with.”

Players can opt-into the playtest on Steam now and will be able to test the game’s PvP gameplay from April 25th - May 8th. Purple War will be launching on early access this summer. To sign up for the playest, players can visit the Steam page. Follow Purple War on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest updates. The press kit can be found here

 About Warlogics

Founded in 2020, Warlogics is a game development company made up of individuals with a great love and passion for classic RTS games and the companies that made them. With a focus on highlighting the uniqueness and fun of RTS games, Warlogics has embarked on an adventure to pay homage to classic RTS titles while also bringing new and engaging stories to longtime RTS fans as well as inspiring new ones. Warlogics will be bringing their debut title Purple War to Steam this summer.

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