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Explosions, destruction, and loads of crazy guns are featured in the newly revealed BlockStar VR gameplay trailers!

Watch how to make the most of this sci-fi VR shooter coming to Quest 2, PSVR, and PC VR in Q3 of this year, and sign up for a hands-on demo at Gamescom!
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 11th, Prague, Czech Republic.

Immersive Division developers have just released not one but two action-packed BlockStar VR gameplay trailers. Supported by short but to-the-point commentary, both trailers will put you in the middle of the action in a futuristic arena, where the only way out is to aim true and stay alive. Do that, or get smashed, crushed, and killed by a merciless wall of blocks rushing your way with increasing speed.

Watch the BlockStar VR gameplay trailers HERE and HERE if you’re ready for a serious adrenaline rush.
Add the game to your Steam Wishlist so you don’t miss its launch.

And if you’re heading to Gamescom this year, don’t miss the opportunity to play the game on-site. You’ll be able to test your skills and reflex in Business Area, Hall 4.1, Booth C021g (Games from Czechia), where Immersive Division developers will be waiting for you with the game demo. Simply reach out to Agnieszka Szóstak at [email protected] or call +48 881 951 601 to book you hands-on appointment.


Shoot the Blocks
Shoot blocks and complete challenges in this action-packed futuristic tournament. Play the 40-mission story mode and show you have what it takes to flex on the leaderboard!
Become a Star
Experience what it’s like to be a rising star in a harsh futuristic world aboard the BlockStar space station. Use your unique weapons, crazy power-ups, and imaginative bonuses against changing patterns and indestructible obstacles. Shoot them all!
Make Good Use of Guns, Loads of Guns
Unlock a varied arsenal as you progress, from shotguns to ray guns, shields to bazookas, and grenades to tennis balls. Shoot too much, and your weapon might overheat. Shoot too little, and the cubes will get you! Can you stop them, or will they stop you?

  • Crazy power-ups and 20+ bonuses
  • 40 missions in different areas
  • 12 unique weapons
  • Optional challenges and various play models, including Survival and Puzzle
  • A storyline presented by in-game commentators and 360° cutscenes
  • A robo-assistant who’ll help you progress in the tournament (or tease you)
  • Occasional WTF moments

BlockStar VR is being developed by Immersive Division and will come to PSVR, Quest 2, and PC VR in Q3 2022.
For more information about the game please join our Discord channel and visit the official website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, and TikTok.
About Immersive Division
Immersive Division is a multi-channel creative studio made up of award-winning talents from the film industry. Team members have worked on well-known projects such as Blade Runner 2049, Allied, Wolverine, Warcraft, Blackhat, Snowpiercer, and Assassin’s Creed. In the past, the studio also created many commercials for the biggest players on the market. They gained a lot of experience working with Samsung, O2, T-Mobile, Nissan, and Skoda.
Their current mission is simple – use the latest technology to create interactive VR projects and the games they themselves would love to play. See more at

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