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“RPG Stories; It’s all about Your Stories!”

July 19, 2022

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Author: RPG Stories Team

We give the first battle on Kickstarter on September 1st. Together we can take 3D Virtual Tabletops to the Next Level!
London, UK - July 14, 2022 - Your Imagination is our limit… Brave Alice” studios, announced today that their 3D World-Builder / Virtual Tabletop, RPG Stories, is coming on Kickstarter on the 1st of September and for Alpha Testing via Steam this autumn.

Watch the RPG Stories Kickstarter trailer, here: https://youtu.be/UkNYUYzym4w

Download the RPG Stories press kit, here: https://bit.ly/3O6d5nz

Visit RPG Stories website here: www.rpgstories.net

Follow the RPG Stories Kickstarter page here: https://bit.ly/RPGstories_KSfollow

RPG Stories is a new Virtual Tabletop software featuring a massive World Builder that will give you the chance to create your sessions in a fully 3D environment AND play with your party. Everything you need, all in one software!

In addition to its unique VTT features will contain 3D assets, heroes, and monsters for all kinds of RPGs; Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-fi ones, which you will also be able to 3D print.

With an amazingly easy UI/UX and full of auto and manual modes, RPG Stories, is coming to make any Game Master’s life easy when it comes to world-building and every Player’s dream come true when it comes to TableTop RPG sessions!
RPG Stories’ team wants this to be the “community’s VTT” letting the fans vote for the final features and models that will be implemented in the final version, plus giving all export files for commercial free use.    

  • 3D World Builder for all kinds of Role-Playing Games!

  • Absolute Creativity freedom and Quest writing!

  • Take your Storytelling and TT gaming to the next level

  • Homebrew Everything

Key Features:

  • Easy to build any indoor or outdoor environment. Fun to play with

  • Supports all Eras of Tabletop RPGs; Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi

  • You play with 3D animated characters and monsters

  • Different pricing between the Game Master’s Version and the Player’s Version

  • Quest writing tools and notes within the software

  • Customizable options for lights, textures, colors, dice, and characters

  • All known VTT features included

  • Upload your own models, music, VFX, and SFX

  • Weather System

  • Personal camera for each user

  • Easy matchmaking with no…lag

  • Commercial Free exports (RPG Stories export file, Video export, 2D Export, 3D print

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