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Experience an Emergent Crossword Puzzle Game Unlike Any Other with Text Express: Word Adventure!

Challenging Word Puzzles Combined with An Epic Game World Full of Fantasy Challenge and Reward Make for the Perfect Getaway! ​​​​​​​
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Eindhoven, August 17thGameHouse today announces Text Express: Word Adventure – a vast and challenging emergent crossword puzzle game with an exciting and visual adventure narrative and huge variety in gameplay; spanning 3,500 levels, 37 destinations, over 95 speaking characters and thousands of unique crossword puzzles. This beautiful and unique puzzle game is packed with rich environments to discover and experience and makes for the perfect getaway! 

Created and developed by Story Giant Games, Text Express: Word Adventure brings a daily dose of fun, relaxation and quality ‘me time’ for the entire family, as players discover the joys of this incredible word adventure. Join Tilly, a brave and smart young engineer, as she travels through the Text Express world to majestic destinations on her old train, meets exciting new friends and, with your help, unlocks her true destiny by solving multiple themed world puzzle games that will advance her journey. 

Epic and Immersive Gameplay 

In Text Express: Word Adventure, gameplay is challenging and varied, as puzzles go far beyond the standard crossword game. Play thousands of unique crossword levels, combine letters to find hidden words and discover new daily challenges with the ultimate aim of unlocking new destinations and advancing Tilly through her global adventures.  

Pick fruits, watch stars, pick locks, observe animals, explore ruins and many more variations to influence the actions of the characters and drive the story forward. Customise your train and explore the world to discover many exciting landmarks and interesting characters. With so much to see and do, your special souvenir collection will grow as you explore. 

Text Express: Word Adventure also delivers an engaging ‘brain training’ experience for iOS and Android gamers who want to test and perfect their vocabulary. The variety in word puzzle play extends and reinforces vocabulary and spelling, and delights and rewards as Tilly advances through her global adventures.  

“Text Express: Word Adventure brings the word puzzle genre to mobile gamers in an entirely fresh and inventive way” said Tj'ièn Twijnstra, Game Director, Story Giant Games.  “For the first time, we are combining word puzzle challenges with a unique visual story narrative and vast gaming world; which gives players an innovative way to interact with word puzzle action and an engaging learning experience for all.” 

“Text Express: Word Adventure is a growing world that sets no limits on how players can use their creativity”, said Simonetta Lulli, CEO of GameHouse. “The game breaks the limits of previous word puzzle games and allows for players to relax and have fun during their ‘me time’ in a totally new and challenging experience.  

She continued, “Inclusivity and particularly the celebration of women are an integral part of our mission at GameHouse. Tilly, our young engineer and main character, breaks stereotypes as a game female protagonist and reinforces GameHouse's commitment to delivering fun entertainment experiences with strong values around female empowerment and equality that all players can enjoy”. 

Key Features 

Unique Word Puzzles 

  • Tons of word puzzles - pick fruits, watch stars, pick locks, observe animals, explore ruins and many more variations 
  • Find words and unlock the story - make words that influence the actions of the characters and drive the story forward 
  • Customize your train - Earn dazzling train parts and design your train to your own liking 
  • Explore the world - travel the world to find many exciting landmarks and interesting characters! 
  • Souvenir collection - with so much to see and do, your special souvenir collection will grow as you explore 
Immersive Stories 
  • Mysteries, family secrets, drama, comedy, adventure, love - Tilly will experience it all! Unlock stories with every new chapter and help Tilly become the author of her own life. 
A World full of Wonders 
  • A world full of wonders awaits Tilly! Fix and decorate her old train to travel all around it! Reach fantastic locations: from beautiful gardens to mysterious towns. Collect cute souvenirs on the way! 
Relaxing Word Search 
  • Text Express doesn’t have any time limits or penalties! Engage, relax, swipe words and enjoy a wonderful story as Tilly starts her epic journey! 
Text Express: Word Adventure has been created by Story Giant Games, a small indie game studio who are experts in combining casual gameplay and strong storytelling, and published by GameHouse, a game developer and publisher, who have focused on bringing fun and meaningful gaming experiences to players around the world for more than twenty years 

Text Express: Word Adventure is free to play with optional in-game purchases and releases on iOS and Android on September 1st.  

For brand new game trailer under embargo to August 17th, 3pm BST/4pm CET/10am CET/7am PST, please see here 

For more information please see here 
Grab your Golden Ticket and start your Word Adventure today! 
Gamescom Game Demos & Briefings 
GameHouse and SGG are hosting launch press demos and briefings at Gamescom on Wednesday August 24th and Thursday August 25th at the Netherlands Pavilion , stand  4.1 A021g - B030g. Please see below press contact to book a slot.  

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Notes to editors 

Press Kit 
Please see Text Express: Word Adventure press kit here 

Text Express on Social Media 

About GameHouse  
GameHouse®, a subsidiary of RealNetworks, develops and publishes immersive games that center around storytelling for iOS, Android, and PC. GameHouse® is well known for having built and created stories with unique female characters and artwork that are played and loved by millions every month, like Emily's adventures in Delicious® World or Delicious® Bed & Breakfast.  

Since its first product launched in 2001, GameHouse® has released over 5,000 games and apps that have been used by over 160 million players in over 215 countries, making it one of the top mobile & PC  games studios & publishers  targeted to female audiences in the world.  GameHouse currently distribute more than 3,000 games for mobile and PC. The company has offices in Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Eindhoven and Seattle. Currently the team is made up of more than 100 professionals of various nationalities, led by Simonetta Lulli Gómez, CEO of GameHouse, and one of the few women CEO’s in the gaming industry. 

For more information, please visit: 
  • App Store: 
  • Google Play:   
  • PC: and   

    About Story Giant Games 

    When casual gaming and story collide 

    Story Giant Games  is a small Dutch indie game studio that stands for great emotional storytelling in games. We pride ourselves in creating characters you want to spend time with and worlds you want to live in. Story Giant is formed by people who worked on the successful time management series: Delicious, Heart's Medicine and Criminal minds. 

    Our own adventure started three years ago when we decided to create our most ambitious game yet - a word adventure that takes the player along for a journey, an original story filled with exploration and discovery. And every day we wake up excited to work on Text Express, expand its world, invent new ways to play and fill our players' hearts with joy. We truly can't wait for this game to become the global hit it deserves to be. 


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