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Evercade EXP pre-order opens September 6th!

Pre-orders being next month.
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The Evercade EXP has been an all encompassing project here at Blaze Entertainment HQ. We certainly like to test ourselves and push our limits and boundaries when taking on a new project and this has been no exception.

We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes in development and pre-production and are delighted to say that we are not far from production ramping up in earnest ahead of our release date this winter.

So we thought we’d give you a quick update on all the key dates you need and bring you up to speed on what’s happening with the Evercade EXP.

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Evercade EXP Updates!

We’ve pulled all our development resources into the Evercade EXP project and have been operating on this for the last few months, which is why you’ve probably seen a few less fixes of late in VS updates. Normal service will be resumed soon.
The progress however has been phenomenal. From UI redesign, the operation of TATE mode and final refinements in the design of the handheld - everything is on course for us to meet our release window. And we’ve also been able to work out more options with our shipping logistics, which means we hope to be releasing globally and simultaneously in 2022.
We’ll share the latest with you and the target release date when we give our bonus content announcement.

Discover the Evercade EXP

Evercade EXP Pre-order Date Revealed!

We know you’d love a heads up on this one as we know many of you wish to get prepared and start saving.

The Evercade EXP Pre-Order date will be September 6th 2022. The time is currently to be confirmed and will be announced with the bonus content announcement.
So, we’re under one month away from pre-orders going live! Your local Evercade retailer will be listing the console in September so make sure you keep your eyes open. You can find your local retailer by clicking the button below.

Evercade Retailers

Evercade EXP Limited Edition

The demand for the Evercade EXP Limited Edition has been incredible. And as such, the demand has very much outstretched availability. Earlier in the year, Funstock launched a waiting list for the Limited Edition. 
With the Evercade VS Founder Edition, several units became available due to changes of circumstances, obvious scalping and other reasons. This meant Funstock were able to re-release some on a first come, first served basis.
This time, with the waiting list, Funstock is able to email anyone who registers their interest to notify them that units will be available. And we can confirm that units are available to be released back for sale.
The Evercade EXP Limited Edition pre-order will re-open for this email list on September 6th (the same day as the standard edition). So make sure you’ve registered your interest here to get first in line when the time comes

Evercade EXP Limited Edition Waiting List

Evercade EXP Bonus Content

On September 2nd, 2022, there will be a special announcement from Evercade that will not only confirm the time pre-orders open, and the release date, but will also unveil the bonus content included for the Evercade EXP.
You may also begin to see some early previews of the Evercade EXP, Irem, Toaplan, TATE mode, and the bonus content as we’re going to be at Gamescom 2022 and allowing early access to the prototype Evercade EXP for press and media.
So keep your eyes peeled for our announcement on September 2nd, 2022 and lots of content coming about the Evercade EXP!

Evercade YouTube

What is the Evercade EXP?

The Evercade EXP is the new handheld retro gaming console from Blaze Entertainment. Building on the success of the Evercade and the Evercade VS console, the new device features great new features to enhance your Evercade gaming experience. The new console comes with a high resolution IPS screen that gives super sharp picture quality and great viewing angles, as well as more control of your games with  expanded controls.

Built-in WiFi, USB-C Charging, and more!

Updating your console is easier than ever with the inclusion of Built-In WiFi and charging is a breeze with the new USB-C charging port. The Evercade EXP will also be on par with the Evercade VS, meaning you will get home console performance in the palms of your hands.

See the Specs

The Evercade EXP is the first handheld console in over 20 years designed to use vertical screen orientation, known as TATE (tah-tay) in Japan.

Using the new TATE mode, you can turn your console 90 degrees anti-clockwise and use the dedicated TATE controls to play with ease, with no awkward controls or difficult setup.
You can now play vertical screen games the way they were meant to be played with 15 TATE games available at launch (including already release arcade games) and more on the way.

Turn It 90 Degree

What's In The Box?
With the Evercade EXP, you’ll get a white EXP console, USB-C Charging cable, a quick start guide, bonus content and the newly announced IREM Arcade 1 cartridge collection!

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