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EVE Echoes Players Can Help Scientific Research Through Project Discovery

NetEase Games is collaborating with MMOS, VIB and Ghent University to bring Project Discovery to EVE Echoes, allowing players all over the world to help contribute to scientific research.
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GUANGZHOU, China – (August 16) – NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) and CCP Games have teamed up with MMOS (Massively Multiplayer Online Science), VIB and Ghent University to bring Project Discovery to the hit mobile title EVE Echoes. Project Discovery is a “citizen science” project, where thousands of players work together to process scientific data at a rate that’s faster than if it was done by a team of scientists. Project Discovery has been a huge hit with EVE Online in the past, with several rounds of research conducted with the help of players around the world, and the time has come to bring this incredible scientific project to EVE Echoes!

Project Discovery is a minigame in EVE Echoes that players can play as soon as reaching Tech Level 7. Once players meet the requirements, they can dock at a station and search the Events menu for the Project Discovery page. The Project Discovery minigame is simple, as it involves matching data points individually with each other. This will grant players “Science Credits” which can be exchanged for fabulous prizes, including exclusive skins and ships. The players who complete their tasks quickly and thoroughly will be awarded with additional Science Credits, and the most dedicated players will receive unique medals for their weekly and all-time participation!

Project Discovery is one of many citizen science projects that have been used for different scientific endeavours, such as Borderlands 3 cooperating with MMOS to introduce a minigame that helped scientists analyse gene sequences in the human gut microbiome. Over 2 million Borderlands 3 players took part in this project, in exchange for in-game rewards. The findings that come from Project Discovery in EVE Echoes can aid in numerous biological studies, helping to prevent and cure illnesses in the future.

NetEase Games is collaborating with the prestigious Martens Lab (part of VIB and Ghent University), the Dhaenens lab (Ghent University) and MMOS on Project Discovery, and is deeply proud of the work that it has accomplished together on the project so far. Martens Labs specializes in using machine learning to analyse incredible amounts of research data collected for example at the Dhaenens lab, while MMOS connects scientific research with video games, in order to create a gameplay experience that contributes to real-life scientific discoveries. In the past, citizen science projects have struggled to garner participants, but implementing them into video games reinvigorate them and will attract millions of willing participants around the globe.

NetEase Games has a strong responsibility to encourage players to aid scientific research, by encouraging contribution through playing our games and rewarding their help. Project Discovery will allow EVE Echoes players around the world to aid in potentially life-saving research, and they will be rewarded with amazing in-game prizes, just for taking part. Players are encouraged to join this exciting endeavour and make their mark on scientific history, by taking part in Project Discovery in EVE Echoes!

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Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) is a Swiss start-up bringing innovation to citizen science and gaming by introducing citizen science micro-tasks in major video games, like the  award-winning Project Discovery in EVE Online and Borderlands Science in Borderlands 3. These science mini-games engaged over 3 million players and contributed with over half a billion of player submissions to advance science. For more information visit

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