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​​​​​​​Dreamscape of Desire: Innovative Animated Adventure ‘Lost in Play’ Launches on Switch & Steam Today

​​​​​​​Brand-new Trailer Signals Debut, PlayStation & Xbox to Follow
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Check out the brand-new Lost in Play trailer here!

Rekindle the past and relive your childhood; a time when every pathway was your playground and adventure lay around every corner, if only in your mind. Lost in Play is your ticket to times long gone - a living cartoon where imagination and a sense of curiosity are the tools of your trade. Get ready to take a step back in time on the road to wonder.

Tel Aviv, Israel - Wednesday 10th August 2022 Happy Juice Games is happy to confirm Lost in Play - a beautiful 2D adventure unashamedly inspired by a mixture of modern-day cartoons the kids of today are gripped by and the Saturday morning cartoons the rest of us grew up with -  launches on both Nintendo Switch and Steam today.

Lost in Play takes players back to those sunny afternoons after school, when losing all track of time whilst gallivanting around the local park or adventuring in the backyard was the order of the day after class was out. 

Tapping into that spirit of exploration, brother and sister duo Toto and Gal are thrust into an Alice-in-Wonderland style world, exploring dreamscapes and befriending magical creatures as they go. Wrapped up in the magic of their imagination, the two siblings must work together to solve puzzles and make their way back home. 

It’s an entirely unique retro-inspired, family-friendly 2D adventure designed both to rekindle a spirit of nostalgia amongst older players and spark intrigue amongst the younger generation of gamers. 

“We see Lost In Play as a love letter to our childhoods,” says Yuval Markovich, co-founder at Happy Juice Games. “It pays homage to the media we all grew up digesting, and - we hope - serves as the perfect gateway for the gamers of today to introduce adventures like this to the gamers of tomorrow.”

Lost in Play features:

  • A mysterious animated puzzle adventure with amazing, cartoon-style visuals.
  • Magical and magnificent creatures throughout.
  • No text or dialogue - everything is communicated visually in an endearingly universal way.
  • Inspiration from TV shows such as Gravity Falls, Hilda, and Over the Garden Wall.
  • A variety of uniquely creative activities to take part in; play cards with goblins, create a dragon, and teach a sheep how to fly.
  • More than 30 unique puzzles and mini-games.

Lost in Play launches on both Nintendo Switch and Steam today, for $19.99/€19.99/£17.99. PlayStation and Xbox versions will follow shortly.

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About Happy Juice Games

Happy Juice is a newly-formed studio based in Tel Aviv, focusing on quests and adventure games with high-quality graphics, animation, and game design. The studio’s debut title, Lost in Play, is an uplifting epic adventure about a brother and sister trying to find their way home as they traverse through imaginary and surreal landscapes. The studio has previously collaborated with 11Sheep on The Office Quest.

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