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Danish cinema concept wins 730.000 euros in EU development funding

Multiplayer games are put on the big screen by Cinemataztic
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CineClash is a new big-screen gaming concept. The format expands cinemas' product portfolios and offers game developers a new exciting platform. Two Copenhagen-based tech companies, Cinemataztic, and Bolverk Games are behind the project that recently secured 730.000 euros in financing.


More for the core

CineClash appeals to consumers under 25 who are not visiting the cinema as often as they used to. With the tournament format, this demographic is drawn back into the cinema space for a good time. They will, when there, be exposed to the latest cinematic offerings as well.

“During COVID, exhibitors started hosting gaming events and rented out auditoriums for private gaming sessions. Now, we are taking it a step further, and at the same time help cinemas stay relevant to their core audiences,” says Mikkel Hagedorn, CEO of Cinemataztic.

The new CineClash format, by Cinemataztic, will not only be available for private events but will also allow cinemas to host live, multiplayer tournaments with up to 100 players buying tickets to a 95-minute tournament.

“We are pretty far along and are looking forward to starting testing for real,”  an exited Mikkel Hagedorn says.

The platform prototype and the first game will be tested in a cinema this summer, while we are expecting the public premiere of the first CineClash game in 2024.


Open source: All devs invited

Bolverk Games is a Copenhagen-based games developer who will deliver the first batch of multiplayer games to the concept. However, the platform will be open-source and invite all interested developers to cooperate with Cinemataztic, the company behind CineClash.

Game developers will benefit from exposure and income from cinemas all over the World.

“The CineClash platform is a new way of game promotion and distribution. Adapt your PC-, Playstation-, or App game to the CineClash format and have cinemas all over the World hosting and promoting it while paying you in the process,” says Mikkel Hagedorn.

Users will use their smartphone as a controller, so up to 100 players can compete against each other simultaneously from the comfort of their cinema seats.

The graphics cards used at the moment are 1050s. Combined with server response times below 200ms, it is enough to create compelling gameplay with simple graphics.




For further information, quotes and imagery, please contact:

Bolverk Games: Rasmus Stouby, [email protected]

Cinemataztic: Mikkel Hagedorn, [email protected]

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