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Crimerunner will parkour into your PC in 2024! Watch the announcement trailer

First-person parkour/stealth action formerly known as Gangster Simulator.
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17 August 2022 – Crimerunner, a new first-person action game from True Games Syndicate and Movie Games, parkours into Steam with an announcement trailer. A criminal will rise on PC in 2024.  

The 1980s were a different time.
You didn't have smartphones or GPS.
Dirty jobs were much more... dirty.

Download screens & trailer from the Press Pack

I was fast and silent. Just what the big fish needed in this town. A perfect courier.

I had to gain their trust. Make money. Climb to the top. But I needed to watch out. 

The first failed job could be my last.    

There were three main gangs in the city. Each was a master of its craft. Car theft. Burglary. Drug dealing.

My choices, the jobs I took, would bind me to one of the factions. 

But I liked to keep my options open. Nothing stood in the way of climbing the ranks of all three. Or so I thought.  

Get more screenshots & trailer from our Press Pack or Steam
Don’t you judge me, pal. Living in this city was not easy at all. You wanted to survive, you had to run jobs and increase your standing within the gangs.

As my reputation grew, so did the prestige of the jobs. Bigger houses to break into. More difficult parts to steal from cars. Harder drugs to smuggle. 

All that in the shadows of the night.  

Who would’ve thought the cops would be so vigilant? Patrolling the streets. Actively looking for you if you screwed up.

High standing with any of the gangs could save your arse if you got caught but reputation was very easy to lose… So it was best to not get caught at all.

I was quicker, smaller, I could get away for sure. I always needed to be one step ahead. 

Play my story.    

An Idea Evolved
Crimerunner is a newly announced title, but it evolved from Gangster Simulator, which was announced some time ago. Why the name change? 

At first Gangster Simulator was a typical first-person sim. Pretty much a part of the larger crowd. Now that we’ve added more dynamic action with parkour and stealth – it became its own, new thing. More focused. More thrilling. More fun. With these additions, Crimerunner was born.

So prove your worth and climb to the top… Parkour style! 

The game is coming to PC in 2024. For more information follow our Steam and social media.
Check the Steam Page
Get screenshots & trailer from the press pack

  • Do quests and earn reputation points with all gangs
  • Hide in the shadows and avoid being detected by the police
  • Use the verticality of the terrain and parkour around the city
  • Play lockpicking minigames with either a lockpick or a crowbar
  • Gain access to and decorate your own hideout
Media contact: [email protected]
Developer: True Games Syndicate, Pyramid Games
Publisher: Movie Games 
Platform: Steam
Genre: First-person, action, parkour, simulator
Release window: 2024

See the Press Pack 
Crimerunner on Steam

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About Movie Games
Movie Games is a Polish game developer and publisher, listed on NewConnect, the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s alternative investment market. 

The company was founded by game enthusiasts with experience in the financial, gaming, and media sectors. It consists of new talents and industry veterans, including Maciej Miąsik, the key developer behind The Witcher, and David Jaffe, the creator of God of War, Piotr Gnyp, a longtime video game jouranlist and the creator of, and Tobiasz Piątkowski, one of Poland’s most acclaimed art directors and comic book writers.

Movie Games’ portfolio includes adventure games (the Lust series) and simulators (Drug Dealer Simulator, Gas Station Simulator, MythBusters: The Game, and Alaskan Truck Simulator).  

In 2021, Movie Games together with the production and post-production house Platige Image established Image Games, an indie premium developer focused on producing AA role-playing games.  

About True Games Syndicate
True Games Syndicate S.A. was founded in May 2020 by Movie Games, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and rapper Michał "Małolat" Kaplinski. One of the investors is also rapper Wojciech "Sokół" Sosnowski. The studio's goal is to create a global gaming brand related to illegal activities and produce games showing life on the law's border. True Games Syndicate is currently working on, among other projects, Nightclub Manager: Violet Vibe.

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