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Create your own unique Heroes and experience dynamic, tactical combat in Bloody Efforts , a Multiplayer Online Action game coming to Steam on September 16th this year.

Multiplayer online action title makes huge, gore-drenched attempt to launch in mid-September.
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Use deep customization tools to create unique Apostles, then challenge your friends or join forces with them in various online PvP and co-op modes. Learn the story of ancient gods and try to survive insanely dynamic battles in Bloody Efforts, coming to Steam on September 16th this year.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 28th, Warsaw, Poland.

At the dawn of humankind, mighty gods ruled the Earth. The eldest, the Unknown, created all that is inanimate, including the four Elements. The younger brother, the Known, filled this world with all that lives. To protect his creations, he asked the Unknown to stay away from the Earth, to leave humanity undisturbed. The Unknown listened, and for a while the two brothers with opposing objectives somehow managed to maintain a fragile alliance that guaranteed peace and balance in the universe.

However, anger, loneliness, and frustration grew in the Unknown. Soon enough, a third mighty power, the Hollow, started preying on those dark feelings, eventually taking control of him. Isolated, rejected, and filled with wrath, the Unknown decided to challenge his brother. The clash of these two gods brought doom not only to themselves, but to the entire universe, plunging it into chaos.

Yet humankind somehow managed to survive and evolve. They brought unto the world the Apostles – a new kind of being capable of subduing the power of the Elements, using them as they please. Some use it in hopes of restoring the old order. Others are willing to sacrifice all, their soul included, to serve the Hollow and stay in power.

At least, this is the story passed down from generation to generation since the dawn of time. Whether it’s true remains for you to discover…

Watch the Bloody Efforts Release Date Announcement Trailer HERE to see what awaits you in this fantasy world.

Add the game to your Steam wishlist ( and don’t miss its launch.

Bloody Efforts is a free-to-play, multiplayer online action game with microtransactions that will allow you to create your own warband of powerful heroes. Use cards and abilities to design your unique playstyle and beat other players in various dynamic modes. The game cleverly blends gameplay mechanics from MOBA and fighting games, with deep customization available for almost every aspect. From a hero’s appearance to their skills, equipment, special abilities, and the warband squad you want to build. You can even recreate and play using your favorite superhero or pop-culture icon. Combined with several different game modes – from the unique Legacy of the Gods (3-phase main mode), Capture the Flag, and Deathmatch to PvP, co-op, and Story Mode, Bloody Efforts guarantees an insanely dynamic gameplay experience where no two playthroughs are alike.


  • Limitless customization of almost every aspect of the game – A comprehensive Fighter Builder will allow you to create unique heroes different in appearance, skills, and playstyle. Let your imagination run wild or recreate your favorite pop-culture icons.
  • Short, dynamic combat where no two encounters are the same – With different warbands, heroes, gameplay modes, and modifiers, every match offers a completely fresh gameplay experience.
  • Putting thinking before killing – 3-phase modes with various objectives that allow you to think tactically about your next move. Defending the base, setting a trap, or outsmarting other Apostles could be the key to victory.
  • Switching fighters before every fight as part of the core gameplay loop – You’ll need to strategically choose your warband of four Apostles before every match. Apostles aren’t equally matched and fit various roles such as Warrior, Shooter, Tank, Mage, Support, or Assassin, to name a few. This means they’ll receive serious advantages or disadvantages depending on different battle scenarios.
  • Account level-based progression with lots of unlockable content – Forget “pay-to-win”. In Bloody Efforts, you progress and enjoy the experience without spending a single real or virtual penny.
  • A wild fantasy world inspired by Asian culture – Learn the story of ancient gods and discover if the myths you heard as a child are true.
Bloody Efforts is being developed by Flatmates Studio and will launch on Steam on September 16th this year.
More information about the game can be found on the official website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Flatmates Studio
Flatmates Studio is a team of two – Tomasz Miścior, the Project Lead and a programmer, and Tomasz Rychwalski, the Art Director. Their main goal is to give people the feeling they had of shared fun and excitement, when playing their favorite childhood games. They hope to achieve this goal with their first game – Bloody Efforts.

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