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Coffee Break

The Corporate Simulation with Attitude!
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Title: Coffee Break

Publisher: Nobilis

Developer: Indie Games Productions/ABELL Entertainments

Platforms: PC

Genre: Life Simulation

Estimated Release Date: June 2005

Age Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

Suggested Retail Price: £19.99

Number of Player(s): Single Player

From the moment we leave school until we reach our well-deserved retirement, we all spend most of our days working our butts off in a place that never pays us enough to do what we do : working for THE COMPANY !

From Tokyo to Paris, from New York to London, men and women all enjoy the same experience of finding themselves every morning in front of the coffee machine to gossip a bit before starting this long hard working day!

Today, for the first time in history, a video game allows you to make fun of all this, to play tricks on your boss or to seduce the cute secretary of the second floor: COFFEE BREAK!

Coffee break is a Corporate simulation with attitude. Surrounded by co-workers, each with a different personality you will have to develop good relations with all the employees to succeed in your different tasks. What are these tasks? Oh nothing more than avoiding be caught robbing the company money, trying not to go to a very important (but sooo boring) meeting, finding a way to calm down a very upset client you let down etc. Basically, all the things that can happen in companies all around the world, everyday,

To complete your objectives you'll often have to go to the coffee machine. A central place where people meet to give you some valuable information on employees or on the company secrets.

Take care of your relationship with others. Be cunning as a fox! Give presents to get favours or make somebody else responsible for the things you did.

But whatever the tricks you prepare, don't forget to organize your working agenda and accomplish your working duties...

In the end, it is all up to you to be the most admired guy of the company... or to be fired!!!


  • The workplace: a unique universe seldom used in video games where billions of people go every day and spend most of their lives
  • The life sim genre: the number one genre in the world with over 35 million games sold in the last 5 years!
  • The coffee break: a special moment (and place) in the life of all workers in the world. Remove the coffee machine and all companies stop doing business.
  • A unique gameplay: perform all kinds of bad tricks to reach your goals... but all in a very humorous way. Fun, fun, fun is the key word.
  • 2 Playable characters and over 30 NPC all with their own personality. All the company jobs are represented. All the personalities and clichés you can find in your own company are included. Every player will recognize himself or some co workers!
  • Manage your relationship with each of your co workers: Make friends or enemies. Be nice or bad. Each of your actions will interfere on your environment. It will help you complete your objectives... or not!
  • 2 Game modes:

- Story = over 14 full missions to complete your main goal: not to be fired.

- Dirty tricks contest = be as slippery as you can!

System Requirements:

Minimum configuration required:

Processor 1GhZ

64 MB

Graphic Card GeForce2 (32 MO)

Windows 98

About ABELL Entertainment:

From the heritage of one of the most established French studio Doki Denki, Abell Entertainment is born early in 2004 in Lyon, France. With already 30 experienced professionals and outsourcing independent artists, they are already working with key publishers developing video games for PS2, Gamecube and PC. With solid matrix organization around key departments as game design, programming, animation, graphics and integration, this studio is driven by experienced managers who have more than 10 years of background is this industry (delivering games like Little Big Adventure, Explore Tigger Honey pot, Peter Pan...). Quality, efficiency, delivery and reliability are the key words to describe this new studio that has already a strong expertise in the adventure genre.

About Indie Games Productions:

Indie Games Productions is a company specialised in delegated production and the publishing of video games for all types of consoles, PC and new media. Created in 2004 in Lyon by Philippe Renaudin (CEO Lyoninfocite/Lyongame, former Manager of Doki Denki, one of the largest French development studios, ex-Marketing Director of Sega and former Marketing Director of Electronic Arts), the mission of Indie Games Productions is to provide the financing, development and supervision for games, from their initial design through to their publishing. Working with a large number of independent development studios, Indie Games Productions has established itself as a production partner for publishing and distribution structures that are looking for new products.

About Nobilis:

Founded in 2001 in France (Lyon), Nobilis Group is a videogames publishing and distribution company. Nobilis distributes videogames on PC, XboxTM, PlayStation2, PSPTM, GameCubeTM Nintendo DSTM and Game BoyAdvance.

Its subsidiary companies are based in France (Nobilis France in Lyon), in Spain/Portugal (Nobilis Iberica in Madrid) and in Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg (Nobilis Benelux).

Among its partners, Nobilis distributes: Agetec, Aspyr, Capcom, Cenega, Davilex, DreamCatcher, Enlight Software, Focus, Frogwares, GMX Media, HD Interactive, IA Vision, Ignition, JoWood, Lago, Monte Cristo, Paradox, Project Three Interactive, Ubi Soft, Zoo Digital... and Radica, one of the world's largest manufacturers of Video Game Accessories (Gamester brand).

For more information:

For UK press enquiries please contact Ruth Fraser [email protected]

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