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Chenso Club unveils their final playable character at The Mix

Molly joins the rest of the colorful all-girl cast to take down an alien menace in style
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 Watch the character reveal here

Stockholm, Sweden - March 23, 2022 - Pixadome and Aurora Punks announce the final playable character for Chenso Club with Molly, the first true ranged playable character in the game. Being unveiled for the first time at The Mix’s 10th Anniversary Showcase, Molly uses water pumps for both shooting and air control, allowing players to experience Chenso Club in an all-new way.

Molly joins a rich cast of characters including chainsaw-wielding Blue, heavy combat character Carmine, fast damage-dealer Alice and magic-user Plum.

“When we first designed Molly we wanted her to be completely unique compared to the rest of the cast. Being the final character to unlock in the game will give players a completely new way to play the game and I can’t wait for them to experience it,” says Conny Nordlund (aka Koni), Pixadome Director.

Chenso Club is a love letter to the arcade-style side-scrolling brawler. When aliens started invading their world, the group of girls-turned-fighters known as the Chenso Club decided to fight back, using the aliens’ life force to beat them at their own game! Take the challenge head on and appreciate the twist in a classic genre brought by procedurally generated levels.

With all of the characters now revealed, stay tuned for the next upcoming reveal in the near future: the release date.

Game Features:


  • Two game modes (with more to come): Story mode, where you fight your way through colourful worlds and bosses, as well as Co-op.
  • Fight how you want: Choose your favorite heroine, all with their own unique playstyle to suit your preference
  • Punch, jump, slash, and smash: Master the girls’ moves, kick your reflexes into high gear, and battle your way through “old-school challenge” levels to obliterate aliens.
  • Test your rogue-lite skill: Procedurally generated levels are different each time you play.
  • Collect life force from aliens you kill: Trade for power-ups to make your fighter faster and stronger—but don’t spend it all! That life force also keeps YOU alive.
  • Play solo or with friends: Play solo or indulge the Chenso girls’ competitive nature with couch co-op.

Wishlist Chenso Club on Steam here:

Press contact:
Robert Bäckström
[email protected]

About Pixadome
Pixadome's mission is to bring very challenging high-energy games, that are always packed with tons of personality. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

About Aurora Punks
Aurora Punks is a collective of independent micro studios collaborating on brilliant games, from
ideation to release. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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