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Chaotic furniture building co-op game KallaX launches on Steam

Dust off the toolbox and put your friendships to the ultimate test.
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Trailer (YouTube) |  Steam page | Website

18 SEP 2023 - This is not a drill! Grab your toolkit and prepare to nail this chaotic new co-op game from Unexpected Studios. Launching on Steam today (September 18th), KallaX sets you and your friends aboard a spaceship with the sole task of building furniture. For many, that might sound challenging enough on its own. But what if you were to add five other team mates ‘helping’ you out and one set of instructions to share between you? No time for screw-ing around, you’ll need to work together to assemble the flatpack furniture before the clock runs out!

Now available on Steam, KallaX is an online multiplayer furniture building game for 2 - 6 players, offering over 60 challenging levels to tackle. Put your flatpacking (and friendship) skills to the test, with only one player being able to read the instructions at a time and a frustrating number of pieces to assemble. Plus, unlike in real life, useless teammates can be cast into the endless void of space! Yay!

While there are no Swedish meatballs or endless warehouses, KallaX has over 25 different types of flatpack furniture to discover, plus a number of patterns and variations. Wrestle your way through obstacles (including your fellow team mates) as you discover increasingly more difficult levels.

If you think you’ve mastered the art of DIY, you can take on the challenge of becoming the fastest furniture assembler in the universe. Race against the clock and beat your high score to unlock bonus levels and secret extras. Just try not to let your friends get in your way…

Passionate about their community, Unexpected Studios has developed KallaX as a way for players to share something fun with friends and family, even when you’re far apart. To promote the game’s launch, the studio has unveiled a new trailer filled with chaotic co-op action and flatpacking shenanigans.  

So arm yourself with a screwdriver and a handful of friends (who you don’t mind losing), and experience what really should have been a one-man-job.

KallaX is now available on PC via Steam as of 18th September 2023.

For more information, please contact Ria Lucas at [email protected].

About KallaX

KallaX is a chaotic cooperative furniture building game for the PC, suitable for 2-6 players.

With only one player reading the instruction manual, build a unique array of items throughout the 60+ levels, and try not to fall out with your friends by the end of it.

About Unexpected

Unexpected is an indie game studio based in France.

The studio was created back in 2015, following a crazy bet to develop a video game with a fully junior team.

6 years later, the indie studio has released a number games that live up to its name, such as looK INside and As Far As The Eye, with all of their titles prioritising originality in both graphics and gameplay.

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