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Challenging Post-Apocalyptic RPG ‘Vagrus’ Massively Expands Its Abolitionist Faction

Can you survive the wasteland? Recruit and lead a team of companions on a perilous journey across a forsaken realm
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Budapest, Hungary, 22 July 2021 - Form your caravan of companions, explore a dark fantasy sandbox world and survive in harsh, challenging environments. Vagrus: The Riven Realms is a ruthless strategy role-playing game with deep lore and tactical turn-based combat.

Its latest update, on the back of its ‘Target Acquired’ release, win conditions and victory mechanics have been implemented for the first time, allowing players to fully complete their playthrough.

The largest addition to the update is the significant expansion of the Abolitionist Faction - and the key role they play in the game.

With Vagrus set in a grim, amoral world, slavery by those in power is rife: whether you choose to fight this or use it to your advantage is down to you; just be aware, not all Companions will stand for it.

Vagrus forces players to make difficult decisions with significant consequences, in a world that has no conscience. Decimate an entire settlement, align yourself with powerful factions at the expense of others, or show compassion for those in need. 

With a core focus on deep story-telling and exploration, you will need to effectively plan routes and manage your caravan’s resources. Roam through perilous locations and make vital decisions by adapting your choices for the prosperity of your caravan and its companions. Do you have what it takes to survive? 

Vagrus: The Riven Realms is available now as an Early Access title on both Steam and Fig ($24.99) and is set to launch later this year. 

Key Features

  • Explore a dark hand-crafted sandbox world that you’re free to discover and explore.
  • Experience a branching narrative with over 1 million words of story and events.
  • Soak up extensive lore through the game’s vast Codex, that delves deep into the game’s universe, born from the studio's decades of pen and paper campaigns.
  • Engage in deep turn-based combat and fight with your comitatus and companions in strategic, challenging encounters. 
  • Court 10 warring factions and align yourself to unique groups with their own complex principals and relationships. Who will you choose as opponents, adversaries, affiliates and allies? 
  • Encounter unique characters and recruit fully-developed companions to your caravan to serve in versatile roles, such as scoutmaster, quartermaster or guard captain
  • Manage your crew and prepare for treacherous journeys through careful planning. Effectively managing your supplies, cargo, and crew is key to survival.
  • Enjoy stunning art, with digitally hand-painted maps, environments, and 2D artwork.


Lost Pilgrims as a studio was born out of an epic fantasy adventure: its founders have been playing tabletop RPG together for over 20 years with a group of friends. During their sessions using AD&D and D&D systems, the Riven Realms, a dark fantasy setting was born, becoming an ever-expanding setting for the campaigns. With all the characters, events, maps, history, and countless adventures prepared over the years, it was destined for more, and so Geri and Gábor founded Lost Pilgrims in late 2017 to bring those adventures to a wider audience.

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