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Challenge your brain in The Shape of Things! Out now!

Puzzler might be relaxing, but it will twist your brain up a bit.
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Hyper Three Studio is happy to release its newest puzzle game today - The Shape of Things. The title delivers a relaxing atmosphere from the comfort of your cosy room by solving small 3D puzzles inside collectable gachapons and finding the original shape of things inspired by Rubik's style.

The game is currently available on Steam, where developers have already built solid trust with players. It's all thanks to their previous title in the genre, Tiny Lands, which currently has 93% of positive reviews on the platform.

The Shape of Things brings a similar approach to the graphics design, but it has an entirely fresh idea for the gameplay. It will all become clear when you watch this short trailer. We invite you warmly to do so :)

About the game

The Shape of Things takes Rubik’s cube’s basic concept but focuses on real-life objects with a more soothing vibe. Puzzles appear in various combinations. You need to find the correct position for each piece by rotating, panning, or scaling until you find the shape of things.

Just like in real life, mystery worlds are trapped in gachapon, waiting for their release. By solving puzzles, you obtain in-game coins, which can be spent on the gacha machine to unlock your next world.

Key features:

  • No pressure and no timers. Just chill and progress at your own pace.
  • Easy to pick up and put down.
  • Adjust your cosy room mood by changing the weather and the time of the day.
  • Comfy to play using only 1 hand (The other hand is for a hot drink!)
  • Pleasing sound effects and atmosphere.
  • Original soothing background music.
  • Good for just chatting and streaming with your community!
  • Play across adorable thematic worlds!
  • No punishment system. Life is hard enough!

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