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CDV, Nival and Noviy Disk to Unleash Night Watch the Video Game

CDV publishing the game of "the most successful Russian-made movie ever".
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

March 13, 2006 - CDV Software Entertainment USA announced today that they will expand their 2006 gaming portfolio by publishing Night Watch, a tactical RPG for the PC. Based on the most successful Russian-made movie ever, a film that Director Quentin Tarantino described as "an epic of extraordinary power," the Night Watch game will ask players to take part in a millennia-old struggle of supernatural forces; a conflict of which ordinary humans are either completely oblivious, or in which they are unwittingly being used as pawns.

In the Night Watch universe, there are people among us who appear ordinary, but who are different; they call themselves "Others." These Others can channel magical power as devastating attacks and defenses. Those who support the forces of light are known as the Night Watch, while those that fight on the side of darkness are the Day Watch. These two sides have been locked in an epic battle with the common hope of one ultimately claiming a decisive victory and a right to rule the world.

Developed by Nival Interactive, the studio that created the critically acclaimed Blitzkrieg and Silent Storm series, Night Watch will ask players to take on the role of a recently initiated Other as he strives to comprehend the mystical powers he has recently discovered, and to make sense of the role he plays in this epic struggle that could very well determine the future of mankind.

CDV Software Entertainment is dedicated to publishing and distributing top-notch video games worldwide. The publicly traded company, founded and headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, has its North American offices located in New Jersey and North Carolina, and partners with leading distribution partners across the globe. As publisher of critically acclaimed titles like Codename: Panzers, Divine Divinity, American Conquest, Combat Mission, War Front: Turning Point, Cossacks and the Blitzkrieg series, CDV is Europe's foremost publisher of PC strategy titles.

Nival Interactive, Inc. is an international video game developer with corporate offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and its main creative studio in Moscow, Russia. Since its inception in 1996, Nival Interactive Russia is the leading, and also the largest, game development studio in Russia with five development teams in Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Nival Interactive has earned critical acclaim worldwide from press and gamers alike for titles including The Rage of Mages, Etherlords, Night Watch, Hammer & Sickle and the Blitzkrieg and Silent Storm series.

Noviy Disk, established in 1997 and headquartered in Moscow, Russia, is a leading Publisher and Distributor of software and games across Russian-speaking territories with over 500 top PC products localized into Russian. The company works with international publishers like Eidos, Midway, Deep Silver, 10Tacle, THQ, Buena Vista Games, Her Interactive, Empire Interactive, Irrational Games, Sunflowers, ZOO Digital Publishing, Ubisoft, ITE, and many others. Noviy Disk also has a solid presence in Kids and Edutainment software publishing and distribution. In addition, ND Games, a subsidiary created in 2004, is responsible for producing and developing PC games with some of the best Russian and CIS developers. Finished titles include Lagsters, Drive'n'Kill, Antikiller and Night Watch. There are more ambitious projects currently in development both announced and soon to be. More information about the company and its products can be found online at (in Russian).

"Night Watch" (Nochnoy Dozor) , novel, story, characters, film dramatization, logo and game:

Sergei Lukyanenko, 1998-2006, "Night Watch / Nochnoy Dozor" novel, story & characters. All rights reserved.

Channel One Russia, TABBAK Film Studio / Bazelevs Production, 2004-2006, "Night Watch / Nochnoy Dozor" and "Day Watch / Dnevnoy Dozor" movie & logo. All rights reserved.

Nival Interactive, ND Games, 2005-2006, "Night Watch / Nochnoy Dozor" game production & development. All rights reserved.

For additional information, please contact:

Ted Brockwood, Calico Media Communications, [email protected], at (503) 231-2410

Mario Kroll, CDV Software Entertainment USA, [email protected], at (919) 386-3475.

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