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Sequel to Hit Terraforming Simulator TerraGenesis: Space Settlers Out Now
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Casts Players to the Stars to Settle Mars and Beyond


NEW YORK -- August 11, 2022 -- Prepare to settle new worlds! Alexander Winn, founder of Edgeworks Entertainment, and Tilting Point today launched TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall for mobile devices on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Based on real NASA science, TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall is a space survival and city builder simulation that challenges players to establish the first human settlements on Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and more. A new launch trailer shows a stunning look at the dangers and achievements to be found settling new planets.


TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall combines in-depth building mechanics with an immersive and believable simulation of space exploration. Players will be able to get up close and personal with the cities that they build through science and ingenuity and are able to view each individual facility and building. These same facilities that players choose and build impact the skills, healthiness and happiness of their city’s residents, giving players complete control over the success of their new society.


It’s a perilous task to make landfall on another planet, but brave players will be up to the task, as they recruit settlers, discover and then manage resources hidden on their planet and design and grow their settlement from a boot print in the dust to a thriving city. Surviving on other planets can be dangerous and unpredictable, and players must overcome unique and challenging random events that can change the course of their planet and its people. It will take determination and intelligence, but if players succeed, they will expand their city’s culture and capabilities to go beyond what anyone dreamed possible outside of Earth.


TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall is the eagerly-awaited prequel to TerraGenesis: Space Settlers, the award-winning space terraforming sim which has been downloaded over 28 million times. TerraGenesis: Space Settlers was a work of passion created solely by Alexander Winn, who coded the game while road tripping across New Zealand with his wife and co-founder behind the wheel.


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About Edgeworks Entertainment

Evoking wonder, sharing a sense of beauty, grandeur or majesty–these are the things that set great projects apart from forgettable ones. Edgeworks Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based independent media company, formed by Alexander Winn and Lacey Hannan to support the breakaway indie success of TerraGenesis, a game made by Alexander based on real science and data from NASA. Now we're growing into new games, podcasts, shows, and more


About Tilting Point

Tilting Point is a leading free-to-play publisher that powers up existing live games using deep marketing and product expertise, cutting-edge technology, Web2 to Web3 services, and a user acquisition war chest. Recognized as one of the top mobile game makers in the world by in 2021, Tilting Point was founded in 2012, and has grown to a staff of over 400 people with offices in New York, Barcelona, Boston, Kyiv, Los Angeles, Seoul & San Diego. Tilting Point’s most successful games include SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, Star Trek Timelines, and Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest.

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