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Beacon reaches full release on 15th December 2021

Set light the grail-shaped beacon to signal the launch in December.
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Monothetic is exhausted but still fairly excited to announce that on Wednesday, 15th December 2021, the sci-fi action roguelite Beacon will be leaving Early Access for its full release, available on PC through Steam, and Utomik.

Joe Russell, co-founder and writer at Monothetic, is quoted as saying “We’ve been working on Beacon in some form for most of our professional lives, and, frankly, seeing this final milestone coming up is a lot like watching the approaching void of death. At least in this case, other people get to play a game we think has turned out pretty well. It has a thing where you can turn into a spinning cosmic octopus for a bit. That’s probably better than death, I think.”

Monothetic has also created a trailer to coincide with the release date announcement, which can be viewed on Youtube, or downloaded directly from Google Drive.

Beacon began development in 2014, and was first publicly released on First Access in April 2018, followed by a Steam Early Access release in February 2019. By infusing your player character with the DNA of the enemies you defeat, Beacon allows you to mutate yourself in ways that can dramatically alter both your stats and abilities. With over 100 mutations and 300 items and weapons at your disposal, someone with a more confident grasp of mathematics could give you a specific number of loadout variations but it seems like it would be pretty high.


  • 6 Randomly Generated Levels -- Enter at the Kovus Outlands, fight your way through the Overgrown Spires, and push through the pollution to the cryptic Omega Vault where your Beacon is being held

  • A Rich Multi-Faction World to Scavenge -- Collect mementos to discover the mysteries behind the 5 Factions on Kovus-18, find Tinkered Weapon Variants left behind by previous clones, and track your percentage of secrets discovered at the end of each level

  • 10+ Unique Weather Types with Storm Events -- Avoid or make tactical use of Hailshards, Tesla Storms, and Polluted Tornadoes.

  • 100+ Mutations and 5 DNA Types -- Collect DNA from deceased enemies and alter your statistics after death. Gain new abilities with each new clone and alter your character into something not quite human.

  • 180+ Items Spread Across 4 Item Types -- Regain an advantage with one time use Pickups, activate your reusable Auxiliary, swap your Grenade Mod, and stock up on Passive Mods

  • 120+ Weapons -- Find your favorite arsenal from unique technologies spread across the various factions

  • 100+ Enemies with Champion Variants -- The varied factions that inhabit Kovus-18 will fight each other as well as you

  • 15+ Boss Fights -- Face off against the ultimate lifeforms of each faction including the Solus Hivemind, Prism Mainframe, and Tritoraptor Matriarch

  • At launch, Beacon will be available on Steam and for $19.99, as well as the subscription service Utomik. More information can be found at and

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