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Back to Gaya - The Adventure awaits you !

From 4HEAD Studios, and set in a "touching universe" marred only by mad professor N. Icely.
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Publisher: Nobilis

Game Designer: 4 HEAD StudiosTM

Platforms: PC

Genre: Action - Adventure

Estimated Release Date: May 2006

Age Rating: 12+ (PEGI) (please confirm)

Suggested Retail Price: £19.99

Number of player (s): Single Player

Gaya is the paradisiacal world of an animated tv show, in which Boo and Zino, as the main characters, win the quarrels with the nasty Snurks. But one day, this routine is stopped by the mad professor, N. Icely. He wants to attract disaster in Gaya by bringing the magical stone, the Dalamite, into the real world. This magical stone is the source of existence of Gaya and its inhabitants. It's time for revenge for the Snurks. Boo, Zino and their companions are not only fantasy characters, but real heroes to rescue Gaya.

Back to Gaya - The Adventures of Zino and Boo is the computer game based on the animation movie "Back to Gaya". Move Zino through the gigantic and hostile world of humans. In 7 levels and in total 16 thrilling stages, you have to show whether you are the only true Gayan national hero or not!

Win the great race in Gaya, rescue Alanta from giant rats, free the Snurks from the claws of the greedy Susi and defeat the mad professor. N. Icely, before he is able to destroy Gaya and the Earth.

Boo, Zino's best friend, will escort you on your way through the adventure and will help you, if you do not know where to go. Use the multi functional slingshot to overcome obstacles, to fight against giant rats, to keep on playing the adventure where the movie stops.

Features :

  • An exclusive partnership: - More than 30 minutes of high quality movies from the motion picture.
  • From the writers of "A Bug's Life" (Pixar - Disney) and "Hercules" (Disney)
  • A perfect mix of various genres - like Jump&Run, 3D - Action-Adventure and Fun-Racer
  • A touching universe - 7 atmospheric scenarios, matching the movie's locations.
  • A great adventure - 16 exciting stages
  • An alive world - More than 12 different enemies, from small ants to huge rats.
  • A rich gameplay - 4 special items, which can be used by the player, e.g., the multi-functional-slingshot and the spear-launcher from the movie.
  • Exciting riddles - Being suitable for teenagers and adults alike.
  • An intuitive control system - Fast to learn.

System Requirements:

Minimum Configuration Required:

Windows XP/ME/200

Processor 1.2 GHz

256 MB RAM

800 MB available hard drive space

About 4HEAD StudiosTM:

4HEAD StudiosTM were founded in September 1997 by Lars Martensen and Tobias Severin. Our objective is the development of intelligent PC-games and to publish them internationally.

Our track record includes: Die Fugger 1 + 11 (published only in German speaking countries), Europa 1400, Europa 1400 - AddOn, Big Biz Tycoon 11 and Back to Gaya - the game. Our laboratories are located in Hanover in Northern Germany

About Nobilis:

Founded in 2001 in France (Lyon), Nobilis Group is a videogames publishing and distribution company. Nobilis distributes videogames on PC, XboxTM, PlayStation2, PSPTM, GameCubeTM Nintendo DSTM and Game BoyAdvance.

Its subsidiary companies are based in France (Nobilis France in Lyon), in Spain/Portugal (Nobilis Iberica in Madrid) and in Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg (Nobilis Benelux).

Among its partners, Nobilis distributes: Agetec, Aspyr, Capcom, Cenega, Davilex, DreamCatcher, Enlight Software, Focus, Frogwares, GMX Media, HD Interactive, IA Vision, Ignition, JoWood, Lago, Monte Cristo, Paradox, Project Three Interactive, Ubi Soft, Zoo Digital... and Radica, one of the world's largest manufacturers of Video Game Accessories (Gamester brand).

For more information:

For UK press enquiries please contact Ruth Fraser [email protected]

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