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Azur Lane’s “Aquilifer's Ballade” Event Goes Live with 7 New Sardegna Empire Ships, Outfits, and More

'Aquilifer's Ballade' event a significant happening in the whole Sardegna Empire arc, tonnes of new content.
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July 28, 2022 - Shanghai, China - Azur Lane, a Naval Shoot ’Em Up mobile game published by Yostar, is introducing a brand new Sardegna Empire major event, Aquilifer's Ballade. The grand opening of the World Expo has finally been announced by Roma in the Sardegna Empire.
However, she goes missing right after the ceremony with some clues leading to the green ghost. The investigation has begun near the underground tunnel beneath the grand theater. This event features seven new shipgirls, a series of new outfits, theater-themed gear skins, and other multiple rewards.
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Events & Rewards

The new event will be live from July 28th to August 10th. Players could start investigating and experiencing the main story by clearing the event maps and collecting Expo Commemorative Coins to exchange for many awesome rewards, including Super Rare Giuseppe Garibaldi. Players who acquire a certain amount of points in total could receive Emanuele Pessagno.
In the event “Call to Arms: Sardegna Empire”, players could use the ships from Phase 1 of the event to complete event missions, earn training points, and get the portrait frame "Splendor of Sardegna".
Check out the Event PV:

New & Returning Characters
Seven new characters are added to the Sardegna Empire, including three Super Rare ships; Roma, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Leonardo da Vinci. There are also three Elite ships; Emanuele Pessagno, Alfredo Oriani, and Bolzano; and one META ship, Trento META. Roma, Leonardo da Vinci, Alfredo Oriani, and Bolzano enjoy a rate up from the limited construction. Allen M. Sumner, Stephen Potter, and Birmingham are back in the Light Construction Pool, while Baltimore and Alabama are back in the Heavy Construction Pool.
Roma is a battleship that could increase her overall firepower, critical chance, and critical damage under certain conditions. This is especially useful when she is with at least 3 ships of the Sardegna Empire, which allows for the reload time of her main gun to be significantly reduced.
Leonardo da Vinci is a Submarine that could increase her own torpedo and accuracy stats, especially when equipped with the Sardegna Empire gear. She could also stop moving and summon a small droid named “Canguro” that moves forward and deploys sea mines.
Giuseppe Garibaldi is a Light Cruiser that could empower her firepower, torpedo, and reload ability at the beginning of the battle. Her other skills put her in a favorable position against other Destroyers and Light Cruisers, which increases the damage dealt to these two types of ships. When her health is below a certain point, she could restore a large amount of health based on her maximum health.

Event Shop & Outfits
In this event, Manjuu Ballroom is the newly added furniture set, bringing the shipgirls back to the theater and enjoying the art of music and dance. A new gear skin box “Stage Dance” is also available for purchase, as well as different resource supply packs.
The new outfit series “Rhythm and Steps” are live featuring various shipgirls. Two gorgeous L2D outfits, Taihou - Sweet Time After School and Roma - White Heron of Darkest Night are available as well. Players can log in during the event period to earn 2 rental outfit vouchers, which can be used on the following outfits: Taihou - Sweet Time After School(L2D), Roma - White Heron of Darkest Night(L2D), and Giuseppe Garibaldi - Noble Ivory Plumes.
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About Yostar Games
Founded in 2014 and publisher of Azur Lane and Arknights, Yostar Games specializes in game development, global distribution, investment, and video game IP management. Situated in Tokyo and Shanghai, Yostar Games has rapidly become the top publisher and developer of the anime genre games in China and is striving to become a global leader in the gaming industry.

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