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Azur Lane Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary with New Event “Operation Convergence”, New Soundtrack, and Special In-game Rewards

Naval shooter marks fourth anniversary with 'Operation Convergence' event and a new soundtrack.
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August 18, 2022 - Shanghai, China - Naval Shoot’ Em up mobile game, Azur Lane, recently held its 4th Anniversary Livestream on August 12th. The Livestream announced the latest event “Operation Convergence”, with new characters, skins, a furniture set, and merchandise. Players can jump into the game and acquire 500 gems, 1 promise ring, and more for free as anniversary gifts. Also, a new soundtrack “Feelin’ It All” by Annie Sollange was released during the livestream with an anime music video.
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New Soundtrack and Music Video
To celebrate its 4th anniversary, Azur Lane released a new soundtrack “Feelin’ It All” by Annie Sollange with an animated music video. In the MV, New Jersey embarks on a special journey and meets other shipgirls along the way. New Jersey, Cheshire, Shimakaze and others hang out together by the sea, party on a ship deck, and sunbathe on the beach. Most importantly, every shipgirl has prepared gifts and is ready to celebrate this memorable 4th anniversary with the Commander. Come and check out their gifts, Commanders!
Check Out the Official Soundtrack
Check Out the Official Music Video
Event Updates and Rewards
The “Operation Convergence” event runs from August 18th, 2022 to August 31st, 2022. This time, Bismarck arranged for Z16 and Blücher to participate in a special combat operation.  There’s only one opponent whose name and ship type is currently classified. By clearing event stages and collecting Contribution Points, Commanders can obtain abundant event rewards such as “Super Rare Blücher”, “Admiral Hipper Model”, and “Super Rare Gear Twin 203mm SKC (Improved)” etc.
In the meantime, 2 mini-events are also introduced. By completing all event stages and missions, players can obtain a new skin “Charge, My Trusty Steeds!” for Isuzu and a new portrait frame.
Click to watch the Event PV Here
Click to watch the 4th Anniversary PV
New Characters
“Operation Convergence” event invites 3 new Iron Blood characters and 1 retrofit of Charles Ausburne.
Brünhilde - SR Battlecruiser
When the battle starts, if there are 3 ships afloat in the Main Fleet, the accuracy of Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Aviation Battleships will increase.
Blücher - SR Heavy Cruiser
Blücher can deploy rotating shields at intervals after the battle starts. Every shield exists for a while and can block enemy shells.
Z16 - Elite Destroyer
The first several times Z16 fires her torpedoes every battle, she deploys sea mines at her present location.
Charles Ausburne (Retrofit) - SR Destroyer
When sortied with Thatcher, Aulick, Foote, Spence, or a Destroyer with the Beaver Squad Tag equipped, this ship's Crit Rate and damage dealt increase by a certain amount.
Super Rare Battlecruiser Brünhilde and Elite Destroyer Z16 can be obtained through the construction pool with a rate up. Super Rare Heavy Cruiser Blücher can be redeemable in the event shop and can also be acquired in the construction pool.

Event Shop and Skins
11 new skins are brought up in this update. There are “Detective Essex'' for Essex, swimsuits for Magdeburg and Weser, and 8 other new sports-themed outfits. Players can earn 2 rental outfit vouchers when logging into Azur Lane during the event period. Each voucher can be used on the following skins:

  • Brünhilde - Grain-Seizing Grani
  • Blücher - High-Altitude Head Over Heels
  • Hornet - Cheering Justice!

Furthermore, the new furniture set “Breezy Summer'', and “Gear Skin Box (Iron Blood)” are available for purchase in the shop.

4th-Anniversary Merch Unveiled
There is also some new merchandise unveiled during the livestream. The 4th Anniversary Commemoration Case contains a collection of items, including the 4th Anniversary Pop-Up Art Collection, 4th Anniversary Illustration Collection, 4th-anniversary pin, a special DIY Drift Bottle Kit, and other special goodies. Also, a new mug featuring New Jersey, a pair of coasters, 2 new plushies of New Jersey and Cheshire, a 4th-anniversary blanket, and 4th-anniversary T-shirts are also released. Be sure to check them out in Yostar’s Official Store!
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About Yostar Games
Founded in 2014 and publisher of Azur Lane and Arknights, Yostar Games specializes in game development, global distribution, investment, and video game IP management. Situated in Tokyo and Shanghai, Yostar Games has rapidly become the top publisher and developer of the anime genre games in China and is striving to become a global leader in the gaming industry.

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