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Available now on iOS and Android, Cell to Singularity blasts into the Beyond

Popular evolution idle clicker releases new outer space expansion available on iOS and Android now
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Brooklyn New York, November 10th, 2021 – Cell to Singularity, the award-winning evolution sim has released its latest expansion pack 3 days early after players smashed through its in-game targets to unlock the brand new expansion. After 500,000,000 clicks on the mysterious in-game object, the anomaly transformed into a black hole and transported players into the Beyond. On the back of the event and the release of its Beyond expansion, the beloved idle clicker has attracted its highest ever player count to date, with over 100,000 new downloads on Steam, and over 300,000 across mobile devices.

Cell to Singularity is an interactive evolution simulator that takes players from the very dawn of time to the age of the dinosaurs, all the way to a post-future civilization. To evolve and progress, players will need to tap or click on the screen to gain several different currencies, such as Entropy or Fossils, which can lead to evolutionary milestones.

In the expansion, players are tasked with exploring a working simulation of the known solar system to preserve life on Earth. By tapping or clicking, you can collect Stardust- a currency used to unlock all planets in the solar system. Each planet’s orbit around the Sun will generate more Stardust, sparking growth as you learn more about our universe and the complexities of venturing far away from home.

An exciting new feature in this expansion is Astronomy Missions. Research celestial bodies or discover ways to obtain illusive Dark Matter; these missions will help you on your boundless, stellar travels. Players can come across rare Constellation Fragments that can be combined to form famous constellations. Once a constellation is completed, it provides a distinctive boost or upgrade to your galactic simulation! While familiar planets make a welcome appearance, recent space discoveries, including the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, are also revealed.

As Cell to Singularity: Beyond heads out into the final frontier, this new expansion ensures that the curiosities of space, diverse planets, and beyond are all just a click away.

Players can play Cell to Singularity: Beyond right now for free on Steam, iOS, and Android, and discover all there is to know in our galaxy. Tap into the epic story of evolution, technology, and space. Are you ready for lift-off?

Key Features:

  • View the solar system in full 3D in a highly detailed display that includes accurate star placement, celestial body orbits, and never-before-seen features of the solar system.
  • Play through a finely tuned idle game that explores our known universe in rich detail. Make constant progress as you complete tailored missions to collect stardust and unlock new parts of the solar system.
  • As you unlock the planets of the solar system, each orbit they complete around the Sun will generate Stardust, a new, powerful currency. Stardust grows exponentially, mimicking the expansive scale of the universe.
  • Collect stars and piece together the constellations of the night sky to unlock boosts for all of your celestial bodies.
  • Embark on astronomical expeditions to find Dark Matter and unlock discounts for your planets.
  • Create a map of the solar system, filling in unknowns with each node you unlock.
  • Watch as the solar system is populated with new bodies, both familiar and alien.

About Computer Lunch:

Computer Lunch is a New York-based developer founded by a husband-and-wife team, Andrew Garrahan and Kati Nawrocki. Computer Lunch creates interesting games that cater to people’s curiosity by allowing them to discover the world around them. Their latest game, Cell to Singularity, was featured in the Facebook Gaming 2020 Indie Elevate Contest and nominated for the Google Play Users' Choice Award.
PR Contact:

Branden McCully
[email protected]

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