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[Attack on Beetle], A battle simulation game with insects, released on Nintendo Switch in January 2022

"Insect swarm battle simulation" has a lot of buzz surrounding it, out this month.
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January 17, 2022 PLiCy


Ukidakensetsu co.,ltd is pleased to announce that "Attack on Beetle", a game for Nintendo Switch, has been released from PLiCy, a service for posting and distributing homebrew games.
This work will be released sequentially in each region from January 6 to January 18.


About [Attack on Beetle], Let's build the mightiest horde!

[What is "Attack on Beetle"?]
"Attack on Beetle" is the "Insect swarm battle simulation game" created by montarosu entertainment.
The player takes on the role of various kinds of "insects", and builds up a horde of insects by defeating the hostile insects.
In this game, it is possible to create  hordes  consisted of more than 200 insects.
Enjoy the flashy clashes between the hordes of insects!

This product is a joint development between PLiCy and montarosu entertainment.

[Additional elements in Nintendo Switch version of "Attack on Beetle"]
The Nintendo Switch version of "Attack on Beetle" is based on the "PLiCy Game Contest 2020" version.
The game is based on a version of the same game that was exhibited at the PLiCy Game Contest 2020, and the overall quality of the game has been improved by adding stages and adjusting the UI.
In addition, a total of 16 species of "insects" can now be used as players, including the Rusty Beetle and Adonis blue.

[Introduction to the game]
Insect warfare begins in a variety of forests, deserts, and waterfront locations.
Confront and defeat hostile insects, and add them to your army to expand your power.
The winner is an insect that builds the largest army!
Beetles, stag beetles, and butterflies of all kinds are here!
Determine whether your army has an advantage or disadvantage in each war situation,  and use them to your victory.

[Distribution start date]
January 6, 2022 (South Korea, Hong Kong)
January 17, 2022 (United States,Canada,Mexico,Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Colombia,Peru,Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria,
Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Ireland,Italy,Latvia,Lithuania,
Luxembourg,Malta,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Slovak Republic,Slovenia,South Africa,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom)
January 18, 2022 (Australia,New Zealand)

[Supported platforms]
Nintendo Switch
montarosu entertainment


About PLiCy, a service for game-creating and game-sharing platform.


The majority of these games are made by individuals, and can be played on multiple platforms such as web browsers, Android, and iOS.
We are also currently publishing indie games under the same brand name, and we are accepting submissions.
PLiCy was in charge of publishing "Cresteaju", "Hell's High Harmonizers", and the action category silver award winner "Revertia".
[PLiCy official website]
[Free Game CS Publishing Application Page]
"Attack on Beetle" introduction PV
[Related images]
<Product Information>

<Product Screenshots>
[The Battle]
[Choose an Insect]
[The Menu]

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