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Arknights “A Light Spark in Darkness” Event Reveals Its First 6 Star Mech-Accord

'A Light Spark in Darkness' story collection event runs from today till next Thursday.
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August 18, 2022 - Shanghai, China - The strategic mobile RPG, Arknights, has revealed its new story collection event “A Light Spark in Darkness”. This event will narrate a series of stories around an Infected, Goldenglow, in the small town of Caladon, as well as a vignette about Reunion. The update introduces 2 new operators, 3 new outfits, and a new themed furniture set.
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About “A Light Spark in Darkness”
The “A Light Spark in Darkness'' event runs from August 18th, 2022, 10:00 to August 25th, 2022, 3:59 (UTC-7). In the story, Goldenglow, an Infected from Caladon, was caught up in a series of conspiracies because of an accidental fire before achieving her dream. Haze, Skyfire, and Quercus will also appear in the story, as the sparks collide to illuminate the era.
During the event, Doctors can collect Wage Tickets by clearing event stages and redeem rewards including Jackie’s new outfit “Take a Leap” of 0011 Tempest Series, large amounts of LMD, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Recruitment Permits, Elite Materials, and Information Fragments in the Thrift Shop.
Watch the event’s Animation PV
Watch the event's Official Trailer
New Operators
Goldenglow - 6 Star Caster
Goldenglow is the first 6 Star Mech-Accord in Arknights. She can release multiple Drones to attack or self-destruct beside enemies to deal Damage. Her second skill permanently expands her Attack Range and increases the Drone’s number and Attack. When the third skill is activated, Goldenglow herself stops attacking and enables her Drones to attack and slow the enemies in a global Attack Range.
Quercus - 5 Star Supporter
As an Abjurer, Quercus can apply a Sanctuary effect to protect allies and shift to healing mode by activating skills. Quercus’s first skill can increase her Attack. When the second skill is in effect, she can boost her Attack Speed and each of her heals will restore 1 Skill Point to the target.

New Arrivals in the Store
New outfits from the 0011 Tempest Series are now available at the store, including “Unfettered” for Ceobe and “Wild Flower of Street” for Waai Fu. At the same time, a brand-new set of themed furniture, “Caladon Light Store”, will be on sale. Don’t miss them!

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