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​​​​​​​Summitsphere’s second title is nearing its first stretch goals as it clears initial funding in less than three days
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Miami Beach, Florida – May 20th, 2022 – Antonball Deluxe developers Summitsphere announced today that the Antonblast campaign has succeeded in meeting its initial funding goal in under 72 hours, with a whopping 32 days remaining in the campaign. The studio has shown off more stretch goals for the campaign to reach, with the next at hand featuring a mode that allows players to play as Anton’s chaotic co-worker Annie, as well as stretch goals featuring PlayStation/Xbox ports and two DLC campaigns featuring entirely new characters with their own separate movesets and levels.


As revealed on Tuesday ahead of the campaign, Antonblast follows the hapless drunkard Dynamite Anton as he embarks on a journey across the Backburner Peninsula, after his prized antique Spirits collection is stolen by the Devil in a fit of jealous rage. Exploding with anger, Anton seeks to exact revenge the only way he knows how: by acting as a one-man demolition crew and blowing up Hell itself!

As Anton, players will smash, crash, and blast through nine worlds in search of his Spirits, wreaking havoc from his home in the seedy Boiler City all the way to the gates of Hell. Along the way, Anton will use his Mighty Hammer and an absolutely wild moveset to break down structures and baddies alike, altering the layout of the level itself! That’s not the only twist, either: when Anton reaches the end of each world, he’ll have to set off a detonator and run back to the start before Happy Hour ends and the whole stage explodes! The player will have to reckon with the path they carved for themselves as they run back to the start, having either hindered or helped Anton in his mad dash to the exit.

“We are so incredibly humbled and grateful,” said Tony Grayson, Studio Head at Summitsphere. “The outpouring of support and love for Anton has been beyond our wildest expectations. I’m still pinching myself to make sure it’s not a dream! The entire team at Summitsphere is beyond excited to bring you Antonblast, and we hope we can deliver the game of your dreams!”

The Kickstarter campaign for Antonblast is live now and runs through June 19th. Many exclusive backer rewards are offered as part of the campaign, including several fun and unique physical and digital rewards, many of which are already sold out. A free demo is also available to download from the Kickstarter page, featuring one full stage as well as a Time Attack mode.


Players can get in on the blasting for themselves by pledging to the Kickstarter and downloading the demo here:

Key Features
  • Shock and Awe! Unlike other platforming heroes, Anton's not content to stay in his lane. Jet between the foreground and background layers for 2.5D platforming action!

  • Destructible Everything! Use Anton's Mighty Hammer to break down your environments! Stage layouts dynamically warp and morph to make different paths!

  • Hurry Up! It's Happy Hour! Once Anton gets to the end of a level, set off the Spirit Detonator and dash back to the start before everything blows!

  • 9 unique sprawling worlds with tons to explore!

  • Dynamic play style; rush to the end or explore at your own pace!

  • Silky smooth platforming gameplay with best-in-class controls!

  • Breathtaking hand-drawn pixel animation evoking the Game Boy Advance, yet bringing the style into the modern era!

  • Brutal earthshaking bosses!

  • A groovy, retro-flavored dynamic soundtrack!

  • Loads of replay value: Hard Mode, Boss Rush, and more!


Antonblast is set to launch in 2023. At launch, Summitsphere will be targeting Steam and Nintendo Switch, but Xbox and PlayStation platforms are a consideration, depending on fan demand and Kickstarter campaign performance.

About Summitsphere

Find the fun. Established in 2018, Summitsphere is an independent, international development studio with a simple mission: Move mountains to make modern classics unlike anything you've seen before. Started by a group of longtime friends, our team focuses on crafting new experiences that marry classic techniques with modern technology. We grew up with the games of the 90s but keep a keen ear to the ground for the latest innovations in the field - what's a modern classic without some trailblazing?


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