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Announcing FROGUN ENCORE, the follow-up to the hit retro-throwback platformer Frogun!

PS1/N64-style platform sequel lined up for the summer.
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GET READY FOR A RIBBITIN' RETURN TO RETRO! Filled with love and nostalgia for the PS1/N64 era of gaming, the smash hit retro-collectathon from last year, FROGUN, is receiving a follow up! Intrepid ruin explorer Renata and her best friend talking frog-gun return - in FROGUN ENCORE
Three years have passed since Renata ventured deep into the lost ruins and saved her parents (and the world!) from Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. Since then, it's been a tradition to spend some time with Hatter and her former rival-turned-best-pal Jake - the friends she met on her original adventure - every summer... camping, hiking and having fun in general.  
However - one day, when they're coming back from a hike on the jungle, they see Jake's town attacked by the nasty Fly Bois! It seems like some of them are still loyal to Beelzebub, and under the command of the vengeful General Fluff, they're scheming to use secret technology to bring the Lord of the Flies back to this world... so now, join Renata and Jake as they have to chase the flies all over the world to thwart their plan!  
A charming retro throw-back platformer that builds upon all the strengths of the original Frogun, FROGUN ENCORE is a stand-alone sequel that will be available in the summer of 2023. Are you ready to return to a world of low-poly vibes and PS1/N64 era charm?
Watch the reveal trailer for Frogun Encore above!
Click here to go to the Steam page for Frogun Encore with additional media and information
Building upon the original, FROGUN ENCORE features an expanded move-set and greater agility for our heroes. Catapult off ziplines, twirl and double jump, and launch yourself skywards by shooting grabbed enemies and objects downwards! Renata and Jake have all grown up, and they've learnt the tricks to boot. 
Flying on Hatter's new plane, you'll discover how Renata's world looks beyond the ruins of the Temple of Beelzebub, from the evil lord's home region of Mosquia, to the dry dunes of Sandalia, or the thermal lakes of Yushi. 
You might even run into some old friends, and even buy hats from them instead of from Hatter! 
Jake (and his nimble-tongued friend, Snatch!) are along for the ride from the start - again improving on the original, where multiplayer was only available for Versus arenas, FROGUN ENCORE is completely playable in local co-op for the main story game mode. Playable in either single player or co-op, a second player can jump in at any point during a stage! Bounce off each other's heads, race to the end, or collaborate to get every bit of treasure along the way and defeat bosses together. It's couch coop like in the old times! And with double the trouble, what kind of silliness will you get up to in photo mode?
FROGUN ENCORE will fully delight and satiate your need for loot, with each level being stuffed absolutely to the brim with collectibles - grab coins to unlock new cosmetic hats and costumes, collect journal notes to learn more about the world of Frogun and General Fluff's plan, test your skills to receive reward emblems, and more! 
Knowing the original Frogun isn’t a necessity to be able to enjoy Encore! New and returning players alike will be able to sink their teeth into the challenges and wealth of content the game has to offer. 

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